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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

Things to accomplish week of May 2, 2016.
After applying the theory of constraints I have discovered that there are a couple of immediate actions that need to be taken.
• Immediately develop increased income to support my Internet marketing business.
• Take the best three Kindle books that I have in self-reliance, convert them to PDF, build sales pages and put them on websites.
• Drive traffic to the websites by whatever means is necessary including my nonresponsive email list.
• Set up PayPal accounts for the sales of books.
• Continue the core elements of Sean Mize’s coaching program.
• Continued the development of the Self-Reliance Membership Site.
• Monday
o Product creation— completed.
o Create sales pages.
o Post to Facebook
o Post email list.
o Review Kindle books.
• Tuesday
o Product creation.
o Complete sales pages
o Complete Kindle book revisions.
o Study InstaMember.
o Post email list.
o Look at other social media accounts to drive traffic.
o Begin program to drive traffic to websites.
o Study software on hand to drive traffic.
• Wednesday.
o Product creation.
o Post sales pages
o Add PayPal info to sales pages.
o Add new content to webpages.
o Review word press vulnerabilities.
o Work on second month self-reliant membership program content arrangement.
• Thursday
o Product creation.
o Review sales pages and ensure that they posted correctly.
o Tell the world about my solution for self-reliance.
 Post articles
 Review self-reliant forms
o Work on second month details of self-reliant membership.
• Friday.
o Review weeks work.
o Product creation.
o Post to Facebook.
o Work on traffic to websites.
o Post other social media.
o Plan and organize video creation.
o Outline two videos.

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