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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

I’ve been trimming and tracking my activities. Due to the huge amount of time it takes me to produce content I’m focusing on just a few things at a time. So for today…

wrote 1 email and sent it
uploaded 1 youtube video
did some optomizing on my YouTube channel
Shared my video on Instructibles and a bunch of Facebook groups
Working on my membership site

Thanks Sean for your latest talk on Fantasy to Reality as I am taking it to heart.

Later ‘Gators!

P.S. still freaking out when someone unsubscribes but hey, my open rate averages at 50% and clickthroughs at 30%. That’s the best I’ve EVER had. List is building slowly but I do get response that says “keep it coming”. A few emails also asking about the upcoming membership site and my Master Class. Niether of which I actually have yet. Hoping to get it up this weekend.

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