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Cynthia Leighton


Not sure… but it’s part of your model so I am doing it!

I’m tracking myself on my printed montly calendar on my big 2016 wall-style calendar. I draw a box with a cross. Then daily fill in 1 to 4 parts in red. Started once I got to the point where doing these 4 things was possible. I have kept that up, so I still have my little visual marching across the days. That small red spot per day gives me a quick one page visual for a month, plus the inspiration to be able to fill it in and write “4” on top of it for days when it is possible.

Still, I’m barely able to accomplish them, due to health. Some days it’s solid stuff I’ve accomplished, other days it’s short and maybe even a bit sketchy — but doing my best and am getting it done anyway for the most part.

Today, Monday…

* I made a YouTube, “Wake up! Put meaning in your life”
* I wrote “Learn To Trust By Beginning With Yourself”
* I sent an email to my list
* I made 6 comments

* Typed 2.6 answers into my document answering Sean’s questions as I go along… wondering about the feedback it mentions
* I scanned the questions area, wondering how it works

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