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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Thanks Sean,

Thanks, I tried all those things. Spent most of the day with the nice people at Blue Host. They had to escalate the problem.

I finally called my IT guy and he thought it sounded like a virus. I could get in on other systems but not from my computer. I had to run 3 different antivirus scanners before we got it. FINALLY, I’m in! Now I think I need to go and reset my passwords just in case. I was getting an error message that my site was being redirected.

I am grateful that I found out and it was just a one day inconvenience instead of some sort of financial disaster or identity theft thingy. I recently got alerted that my PayPal account had odd activity and also that someone had requested a password change from my Instagram account. Not sure if it is related, but better safe than sorry.

Back to my membership 🙂


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