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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Whew, the membership site is up. FINALLY!!!

I took the categories from my 10×10 matrix. Now I need to begin uploading content and create a sales page. I tested my live webinar software last weekend and it worked well. I want to be able to do live demonstrations so I am using WebinarJamStudio. So far so good. I still need to conduct a few more tests for signups etc.

next steps:

– Upload content
– write sales letter
– more tests with Webinar Jam (volunteers would be nice if anyone here is interested in Wildlife art or live demo webinars)
– Figure out what the heck a “Master Class” will include ( I hit people up if they would be interested in a Hummingbird Masterclass and a bunch said yes)
– Keep emailing daily
– keep posting 3 youtubes per week

Rest up – I’ve got a nasty cold.

Thanks for all the support Sean, Jenn, Dejan and Ley

Oh, and the membership site is my main site is

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