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Thank you both for touching base with me! Yes, Ley, I’m a doctor but a very different kind of doctor.

Progress: I got out of rhythm in the last few days. Company at the end of last week, and a weekend trip to see my 95-year-old mom. She needs help with chores but is still at home! She has only the tiniest hint at what I do for “work.”

Anyway, Blueprint, blog post, planning, research links, touching base with one of my mentors and a great friend.

I woke up Sunday with an idea to add as a value-packed service to my subscribers. Something besides supplements, testing, and consultations. It’s something we have done in person, but I think I can offer it online without too much trouble. I’ll try to describe it here…

1. My wife (Marty) and I are old enough to act as virtual parents to lots of people besides our own bio-kids.
2. Lots of people suffer from not receiving their parents’ full support/validation/legitimization. What they are missing is their father’s blessing or their mother’s blessing. And it affects their health, their productivity, and many other aspects of their lives.
3. On Sunday, Marty even asked if she could give the pastor a mother’s blessing. That is, to stand in for his mom and speak good things into his life. It was right after the Mother’s Day service. Anyway, I think he loved it.
4. We’ve done this for our married kids at their weddings, a “virtual” daughter at her wedding, and in classroom settings.
5. We were on the receiving end about a decade ago. A woman about 20 years older than me stood in for my mom, and the result was very significant.
6. The spiritual impact can be amazing and can change lives forever.
7. I think I can do a Father’s Blessing in a webinar format.

Feedback welcome. 🙂


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