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by Dejan Cerv
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Dejan Cerv

Great job Sharon. You are very productive and your videos are really great!

I was watching your video where you burn the wolf on a tagua nut slice and idea popped in my mind. Actually, two ideas. Maybe this will be worth a lot to you, maybe not, but I feel I need to share this with you.

Here it is :).

People are crazy about the latest season of Game of Thrones (GOT). So I was thinking that you could make your training probably very popular if you would teach people how to burn some popular GOT characters on the wood.

You could use the popularity of the show to make your work more recognizable to a very large audience. I’m sure you would get a lot of likes and shares on YouTube and Facebook. Who knows, maybe this could bring you a lot of new customers to.

In a few new movie will come out. Warcraft. The movie is based on very popular game (Warcraft) and I know that people are spending a lot of money in that niche. The game has actually became a niche…

So, you could create very popular youtube video: How to burn Jon Snow on wood/paper. (Jon Snow is very popular character in GOT). Or you could use some other character, for example Tyrion Lannister.

Or, for Warcraft enthusiasts: How to burn Anduin Lothar on paper/wood. This character will be very popular after the movie comes out.

I think it’s worth trying…Its just an idea that I wanted to share with you. Maybe this will give you some other, even better ideas.


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