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Kevin Stanley

Hi Sean

Thanks for chasing me again, my momentum has been completely killed this last couple of weeks by a combination of having to bring work home and the run up to my daughters birthday.

I was able to get some free time this morning and went out for a long walk while listening to this weeks training. There were three key points / light-bulb moments for me:

1) I’ve been undecided over whether my opt-in should be about achieving a goal or getting on top of your workload – it’s going to be both so the reader can choose what they apply and that it’s the best it can be.

2) That the best way to get traffic is to find out where your market hangs over and then get yourself there rather than worrying about google rankings (also remembering to use reach search phrases)

3) The technique of answering questions in a succinct way and then directing them to a produce to stop people asking constant questions – as I was wearing my headphones I forgot myself and pretty much shouted out “that’s gold” lol

As I am starting from scratch I believe I now need to start creating content and re-purposing it as much as possible in order to drive traffic. My plan for this is as follows:

* Choose a topic from my matrix (as I have created an 8×8 I’m planning to create 8 products from it)
* Create a product that focuses on solving the problems associated with that topic with a clear plan
* Create in articles around the topic covering things like the psychology of the problem etc to give much more depth.

Then re-purpose the articles in as many of the following ways as is practical (this is a brainstorm list):

* Create you tube video from them in a presentation / power point style
* Upload the the slides to slide share or similar.
* Use the audio to create a weekly podcast.
* Combine them to create large blog posts.
* Use them in blog comments / forum posts
* Create an Instagram image with an associated quote.

However my first task is to complete the opt-in product and get a squeeze page setup. Once this is in place I can then start working on products and applying this process.

My aim for tomorrow is to outline and start working on the opt-in.


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