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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

This week was terrible, time wise. I worked almost 2 weeks worth of hours Wednesday through Friday, but that wasn’t so bad. I actually slept 8 hours two of those nights! (I rarely sleep 6 hours, I can’t remember 8). Thursday night, I bought an expired domain name that sounds so much better than thePlrExpress and got a pleasant surprise when I installed it.
I plan to use ThePlrExpress for my membership site when I get to that point. is my new site. I have busted my zzzs getting it setup, and so I did. Yesterday, I got the site set up, ordered the logo on Fiverr (not the one that’s there, a better one), linked it to PayPal, linked it to Getresponse and posted the first 60 article packs for sale.

I had hoped to get the site set up before Tuesday when I go back to work, and to have 20 articles posted by Friday. I guess I am a little ahead of schedule.

The site needs a lot of work, but it is working right now. It received over 100 visitors yesterday while I was working on it.

I need to create emails for autoresponder and set up the about, etc. pages this weekend. I also have a dozen or more article packs I need to prep and upload to the site as well.

After that, I need to review my plan and layout my next week’s plan.

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