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by Donna Walsh
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    Donna Walsh

    I have just joined so I am still in the process of clearing my mind of the way I have done things in the past. However, I WILL post here daily so I have a record of what I am doing as well as how I am progressing.

    But for the next couple of weeks, I will do the lessons daily (except for Sunday as we all need one day of rest per week). I will start with Goal Furnace and do 2 of those per day, then onto Blueprint Your Business for 2 lessons per day.

    Every other day, I will listen to one of the past coaching calls, taking notes and compiling each into a text format I can refer back to often.

    I appreciate any feedback from everyone!


    Donna Walsh

    BTW Could someone tell me how to upload a profile pic?


    Trevor Dumbleton

    Welcome – take things gently and don’t be afraid to listen to things more than once and/or ask questions.

    Profile pic is linked with your gravatar but people seem to have had mixed success in getting that to work so don’t spend forever on it.

    Donna Walsh

    TY Trevor.

    I have been ‘dabbling’ in IM for over 10 years so I do know how to do a lot of things already.

    But it is now time to get serious about my business!

    Rick Smith

    Donna –

    Welcome! You’ve laid out a great plan for yourself. I’ve been a member here since last March but I didn’t take the site seriously until early last June. Once I began to focus on my ONE Thing (you’ll hear Sean talk about this a lot) and post in my accountability thread nearly daily, things started to change for me. I’ve done more in the last eight months than I did in the previous two to three years. Congratulations on decision to join. I look to hearing how it goes for you.

    Donna Walsh

    TY Rick.

    And thanks for the encouragement.

    I have been in IM for about 10 years but I have not focused on ONE thing, instead trying to be a jack of all trades.

    And while I know a lot on many topics, and even know a few topics quite well, I have never focused on just one.

    So that is my major goal for now.

    Rick Smith

    Donna –

    Yes. I agree. For now, your ONE Thing is to figure out what your ONE Thing is. And I should warn you. Be prepared to think about your life and your business. Sean (and some of the others here) will challenge you to think in ways you’ve never experienced before. And once in awhile, Sean’s emails might even make you angry. It’s OK. Just work through it. Eventually you’ll figure out Sean’s point and realize that he did what he did only so you could grow.

    Also, if I could give one other piece of advice. Read all of the accountability threads. (And keep up with those that are current.) Even go back to the earliest ones. Eventually you’ll see some recurring themes apparent in all of the accountability threads. I could tell you what the recurring themes are (and who those posters are) but what fun would that be? 🙂

    Donna Walsh

    Thanks Rick!

    Donna Walsh

    Accountability Day 2:

    Well I stuck pretty much to my plan yesterday. I read the first 5 lessons in the Goal Furnace. I stopped because I wanted to think about what I had read. Today I will reread those 5 plus the next 5.

    I also listened to the Implementation/Coaching call. Today I will listen to the Focus – And How to Solve It When Your Attention is Focused on the Wrong Things call.

    Plus, for my business, I edited one of my Camtasia videos which will be an upsell for a book I write last month. (That book was written as I was following the weekly instructions of a work-at-home training program by Sean and JayKay Bak.) BTW One of the reasons I joined this coaching is for the feedback from Sean which is not offered in the other coaching program. 🙂

    Today I will write the script and create the slides for the second video for that upsell.

    Also yesterday, I started reading forum posts, especially the accountability ones. I will read a few more of those today.

    WHEW! Busy day so time to get started! 🙂

    Donna Walsh

    Accountability Day 3

    I do not complete all of my daily tasks yesterday although I did have a very productive day. So, I am going to do a Time & Motion study in order to find more time to do stuff by discovering were, if any place, I am wasting time.

    However, I did finish all of the lessons and tasks in Part 1 The Goal Furnace. My Big Goal ended up being almost 4 pages long but I am sure it will grow as I get more into the training here. That is all i accomplished from this site.

    For my daily tasks: I did post to all 3 of my FB pages (one for IM 2 for Health) and also posted those articles to the relevant blog, posted to a few groups on FB and LinkedIn, made a post in the Warrior Forum in my niche, wrote for an hour in my currently 1200 page e-book which will eventually end up being my major coaching program.

    Plus, I did some stuff for Don.

    Today I will start on Part 2 Blueprint your business, try to find time to listen to another recording, do my daily tasks, and again do some stuff for Don. Plus I will set up my Time & Motion study. If I have any time left, I will edit another Camtasia video I will use as an upsell for my upcoming e-book.

    Donna Walsh

    Accountability Day 4

    I started keeping a Time & Motion log. I will track for at least one week so I identify time wasters although I can already see a few things I need to change.

    I completed all of my daily tasks. YEAH! But I have also discovered that I need to add a couple of things. So I will add those today and then do my daily tasks.

    I completed the first 3 lessons in the Blueprint Your Business section. So I will proceed and finish as many of those as I can today.

    I have not found the time to listen to any more recordings so I will try to listen to one today.

    I will also try to finish what I promised to do for Don.

    And I need to spend at least an hour editing a video for my upsell series for my new e-book.

    Another busy day!

    Cynthia Leighton


    Welcome! I’ve not posted this week and I saw you’re new so I stopped in to say “hi” – I remember hearing you live asking a question on Tuesday on Sean’s coaching call.

    Look forward to benefitting from your 10 years of experience.

    And to finding some way of helping you 🙂


    Donna Walsh

    Thank you so much Cynthia.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone! And of course will be so thankful for ANY help at all.


    Donna Walsh

    Accountability Day 5

    Looking at what I have accomplished over the past 4 days really does inspire me to keep going! And while I have in the past written out and completed a daily To-Do list, that list was not geared to reaching my long time goals but was instead, just a list of things I thought I wanted and needed to accomplish that day but with no rhyme or reason as to why I needed to do them. So glad I joined here as things are starting to clarify for me.

    However, I have discovered that although I am working on my Daily Tasks and usually completely them all, I need to restructure my tasks as I am not really getting any closer to all of my weekly/monthly/long term goal.

    For example, one of my monthly goals is to produce a new product once a month with at least 4 upsells. I have not done anything towards that at all, not even asking my list what they want me to create. So I will be writing an email today to send my subscribers asking what they want in my next product.

    I also do not know how to write a series of campaign emails that get results or even what to include in them so I need to start studying how to do that so when my current project is finished (still working on a video series as one of the upsells) I can write my campaign emails and hopefully start selling my e-book!

    As for yesterday, I did complete everything on my Daily Task list in a short period of time. It is getting easier and faster to do as time goes by. I was especially happy to completely revise a volume in a huge e-book that I wrote many years ago (2010). This e-book is going to be the basis for my long term coaching program so I am glad one volume (out of approx. 20) is completed. 🙂 I have been putting revising it off for years so am more than happy to be back on track!

    So today, I will do my daily tasks and then restructure what I need to do daily in order to reach my long term goals.

    Donna Walsh

    I do not work on Sunday’s so did nit post yesterday. However, on Saturday I completed all my tasks and continued working on “Blueprint Your Business”. I also revised my daily plan so that now it includes stuff I need to do in order to meet my weekly, monthly, and yearly plan.

    Today, I will do the things on my revised Daily plan and hope to complete everything.

    I have found that writing out and sticky to my daily plan has sharpened my focus and I am not as easily distracted.

    I do need to find time daily to start studying and learning how to do things that will be vital for my success. The main thing I need to know is how to write and send out promotional emails.

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