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by Toni Nelson
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    Toni Nelson

    On my site I have a group membership plus other stand alone courses. I was thinking of creating a second membership where you would get the same group coaching as the other but also put the stand alone courses I have and will have in the future into that membership . This way when I send out an email sequence on let’s say visual marketing I can offer the whole membership and not just the one course. The other membership pricing is set at $27 a month so I was thinking of setting this at $47 a month since there’s going to be a lot more training. Would that make sense or just try to sell the individual courses?

    Sean Mize


    That’s a great question – and I love the way you are thinking strategically.

    I think that in the long run you can have it all –

    –> group membership $27 a month
    –> group membership plus all in one training $47 a month
    –> maybe even a higher level with something additional in it $77 a month

    AND still have the stand alone trainings . . .

    Folks can buy the standalone trainings until they trust you enough and want enough “more” training to upgrade and enroll in your all in one membership.


    Toni Nelson

    Thanks for the great advice as usual Sean:) This has got me thinking about the third choice.

    I could offer the $47 a month with everything except the Photoshop course

    The higher price $77 would have everything the middle level has plus the Photoshop course and all future courses. To make it worth the higher price I’ve been thinking that I could offer: 25% discount off logo design, 25% off graphic design (Book covers, 3 d product display etc.). 15 Images per month that they can use for memes, as quote photos (personal use) etc. Banners, header images for Facebook ads, Facebook timeline cover, things like that. These would be psd’s so they can change them. That’s why they get the Photoshop course. I’m not sure if I should also offer an email a week in addition to the Open Office Hour I have each month where people get to ask one business related question.

    Then I thought I could even offer to critique one video a month and or their website.

    What do you think?

    Sean Mize

    yes, that’s a great idea – when you have more packages, it makes it easier for folks to choose the one that fits their budget, and optimize revenue (and the number of folks you can help)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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