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by Elizabeth Conlon
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    Elizabeth Conlon

    I know I jumped the gun by creating a membership site BEFORE I built a list, but I’m trying to build a list now.

    In any case, this particular site that I ‘ve created is going to be a network of teachers offering their expertise training.

    So far, I can’t get any teachers to work with me because I just started. But when I do get some interest, what is the best way to
    pay them? It’s a monthly membership site for $29. If it was a course that you’d buy seperately like on Udemy, I could jsut give them a differnet link that I could track and pay them the commission. However, since it’s a membership site, not sure. Would I just have to offer them money up front? If so how much? $300-$500?

    Sorry for so many questions 🙂

    Sean Mize

    Elizabeth, what most folks do is offer something like 50% commission as the payments come in, so if they recommend someone who enrolls at $30 a month, you pay them $15 a month.

    You membership site software might be able to help you keep track, you can use something like memberpress which adds an affiliate program in it.


    Elizabeth Conlon

    thank you! I’m using learn dash and paid membership pro.
    I’ll see if they have an affiliate link.

    I’ve also placed it on JV zoo and gotten some affiliate offers.
    I’ll research them first before making any quick decisions.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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