Any Super Quick Article Writing Methods?

by Keye Wu Wu
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    Keye Wu Wu

    Question: How can I make it possible to write EFFORTLESSLY a 400-500 articles in 10 minutes so I can produce 5-6 good enough articles every hour?

    To take it another level, how can I do it EVEN IF I don’t have much knowledge, expertise or experience on that topic?

    Hope Sean and other experts can answer this 🙂

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Start with your headline – use an online Google suggestions site to get an initial suggestion then run that through a search to get some ideas of what other people have written about.

    Come up with some sub-headings relating to your headline. Put them in the almost blank article box, separate each with a few lines so they don’t collide with each other as you type.

    Write a short paragraph or two about each sub-heading. Aim for around 80 to 200 words each.

    Hint: this reply was 85 words before I added this line.

    Go into brain dump mode when writing – don’t edit (that uses a different part of your mind) until the article is written.

    Longer explanation here.

    Keye Wu Wu

    Thanks Trevor, got it and will try doing so!

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Thanks – glad it’s helpful!

    Bud Evans

    I write a lot of articles however the time it takes is longer than you mentioned. Quality articles take research, organization and thought. I don’t recommend the quick method. That method is not any better than an article spinner software. My recommendation is to first produce a mindmap of what you want to write. This is valuable because it is very close to the way our minds are conditioned by our DNA to think. They don’t need to be things of beauty.

    Rick Smith

    Keye –

    Bud is right. Mind maps are great way to organize something like this. That’s the method I used for my membership site layout (which I just updated). It’s the method I used for all of the membership lessons I’ve done so far. I’ll use them for the rest of the membership lessons. For some weird reason I didn’t use one for my overall 10×10 matrix but I think I’ll transfer it to one. I think I’ll also use them for each of the pillar articles on my site. Thanks for reminding us about mind maps, Bud.

    Keye Wu Wu

    Thanks Bud and Rick! Will take mindmap into consideration. 🙂

    Julia Rotgers

    HI Keye,

    The method I use is a little more organic but it seems to be resulting in highly responsive articles/posts.

    I start my morning with a little quiet time and coffee, journaling and staying grounded to what means things to me.
    If I need topic specific inspiration then I’ll grab an article or training on the topic and listen to a bit of it.

    Because I am focused on my business, this usually sparks thinking about the people I want to serve.

    I get to thinking “what do they need to know?” and “how can I help them apply the insight I just received”, etc.

    Then, using this inspiration I speak my article like they (I’m talking to one specific person) were across the table from me.

    Both my mac and pc have speech-to-text software built in and I also launch the audio recorder so I don’t have to wonder what strange words the tool interpreted.

    The tool’s not perfect and the audio lets me edit easily (as well as have an audio to share).

    Plus, using the two tools together lets me get out of edit mode and get the word out rather than self-correcting and interrupting the process.

    Pretty low-tech, but it works well for me.

    Sean Mize


    it’s hard to effortlessly do anything in life!

    but one way to come close with article writing is to stop thinking of writing . . and instead imagine someone in a coffeeshop asked you a question . . .you wouldn’t get organized to answer, write an outline, etc – you would tell him the answer in 3-5 minutes and if you speak at 120 words per minute, then in 5 minutes you would have spoken 600 words.

    Then just write what you would speak.

    You see, right now I am writing as if I am speaking.

    In fact, I am speaking – but instead of using my lips, I am using my fingers and my keyboard.

    Just think, then write what you think.


    Trevor Dumbleton

    +1 for Sean’s method (it’s how I do most of my posts and even sales letters) and if it doesn’t slow you down, voice to text (built in to Windows but not activated by default) then that can speed things up as well.

    Sean Mize


    great detail on your morning routine to get into the mindset of writing something to change lives . . . thanks for sharing!


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