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by Julia Stueber
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    Julia Stueber


    As I am located in Germany I have a major problem with putting up a sale button. Since 2015 selling digital products has bevome tremendously difficult, as I would have to calculate the individual VAT for every country on earth. There are shop plugins that do this but it is really complicated to set up – I did that for an ebook I sold within the EU.

    One workaround would be to sell the low-level products i.e. via Amazon/Createspace. I already sell coloring books and know how this works. I also sell an Udemy course, so Udemy does that legal stuff. One on one coaching is no problem either, as this is not a digital product. That means the membership will be a problem. Are there any others from the EU here? How are you handling it? Is anyone using JVZoo from inside the EU?


    Sean Mize

    Great question, would love someone in the EU who has tackled this tax issue to weigh in 🙂


    Trevor Dumbleton

    JVZoo, Gumroad, Clickbank, Udemy, Amazon/CreateSpace & doubtless quite a few others handle this on your behalf. Some do it better than others – it’s easy enough to fool Clickbank by claiming to be in the USA and putting in a valid zip code to prove it. Gumroad is more likely to enforce things properly.

    Warrior+ don’t (as far as I remember)

    I rarely get EU customers from outside the UK so at the moment am pretending it’s not something I should worry about, even though I should. But then so should all the other vendors who use Warrior+ (etc.) as strictly speaking the rules apply to anyone selling into the EC.

    I will probably be looking at Gumroad for my subscription site so that I’m more covered.

    Julia Stueber

    Hi Trevor,

    I checked out Gumroad and this might end up as my choice – they do offer memberships and subscribtion models as well as doing the EU VAT correctly. Thanks for the advice!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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