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    Buck McDaniel

    What is your Big Goal?

    1. Have a fully(mostly) automated/outsourced business by the end of
      the year.
    2. Profit $3,000/month
    3.  Help 10 work-at-home parents build their own business while
      writing content for my site(s)
    4. Produce fresh content daily for my PLR and blog sites

    What would it mean for you to achieve your Big Goal?

    • I would have more time and money to do the things I want to do
      with my family, including a little boondocking!
    • Being able to help others help themselves.
    • Get debt free and own our own home.

    What’s Been Holding You Back From Achieving Your Big Goal?

    • Getting discouraged/burned out:<br>
      Spending hours of time researching the one simple task I need to
      accomplish, only to have to do it for the next task as well.
      Especially, when knowing how to do them, they only take minutes or
      seconds to do.
    • Losing Focus:<br>
      Getting started on too many different things and never getting back to
      the ones that help me accomplish my goals. Not focusing my attention on
      the one main thing I need to complete to accomplish my goal.
    • Going it alone:<br>
      Having no where to turn to find answers about what step I need to do
      next, or what tool to use, or sometimes, just to talk about my business
      with someone with experience.

    How much longer are you willing to allow those things to hold you back?

    • About 30 days ago!

    For about the past 30 days or so, I have locked down my focus to move forward in my goal.
    My first milestone was to get RRPLR.com functioning properly, and it is.
    I have started uploading products and now focus on getting products uploaded almost as quickly as I acquire them.
    My next milestone will be to acquire two lists:
    100 PLR buyers and 50 people interested in working on my outsourcing projects.

    Additionally, my more immediate goal is to have a cash flow of $50/week by the end of May.

    Buck McDaniel

    Day 1: I didn’t get anything done on my scheduled project for today, which was to upload my latest PLR to the site. Instead, I bought Sean’s coaching.
    I spent time reading the intro, then all three forums. I then started working on Section 1: Background and Introduction.
    1) Goal Furnace (Do this first) – Completed all 10 steps
    2) Blueprint Your Business – I completed #1-#4
    I completed the questionnaire. That was a long project. I emailed it to Sean. I didn’t see where we were supposed to upload it, so I emailed him… all 6 pages!
    Finally, I listened to “The meat and potatoes of the 5K Business Model.”
    My three takes on the recording:

    1. “Find some skill that can change other people’s lives and get
      paid for that skill.
    2. “Everything I do is repurposeable”
    3. “Membership is important”


    • Hopefully, I’ll have something to write in the morning.
    • Upload my latest PLR product.
    • Begin Step 1-2-5
    Buck McDaniel

    This morning I wrote a small report (~1000 words) for my PLR site. It’s a part of a series I’ll be working on over time.

    My goals for today:

    • finish preparing and uploading my latest PLR purchase
    • Pick out the next 5 PLR products to process and upload
    • Complete two hours of Sean’s Coaching lessons

    When I complete all this, I’ll set up an affiliate blog for one of my hobbies. It will make a great “relaxing break” project.
    (Yes, I enjoy setting up blogs and posting on them.)

    Buck McDaniel

    What are the 3-5 things you should be singularly
    focusing on in your business to achieve YOUR goals?

    1. Write Autoresponder emails
    2. Create JV Programs/Offers
    3. Add content to site
    4. Generate traffic
    5. Automate!
    Buck McDaniel

    It’s been a great weekend! After writing my last progress report, I took the weekend off from business work entirely! Instead of tweaking my website or working on PLR, I worked on one of my favorite hobbies, and built another website.

    Every morning about 2-4 a.m. I wake up, so I get up and write. I am pretty conditioned to it and do some of my best writing then. I did write a 1200 word article, or short report, yesterday morning so I guess I did do some “work” but that doesn’t really feel like work anymore.

    This morning, I woke up with an article on my mind, but instead, I applied what I learned from Sean’s 10×10 matrix and created a master outline for the hobby I was working on this weekend, Aquariums and Aquaponics. Well, of the three times I attempted to do the matrix, this is the best and only one I succeeded in at least resembling. It’s more like a 3 x X x Y x Z matrix, but it has 110 points in the outline and I will be able to add depth to some of those as I learn more and start writing.

    Having accomplished setting up the new site, (which is far from being ready to use) having written two short reports or long articles, and having succeeded at the matrix outline, I really feel a sense of accomplishment. This gives me an renewed energy and desire to continue my work and to keep moving forward.

    My goals for today are to finish uploading that elusive newest PLR still after working through an hour or two of lessons here in the coaching forum.

    Buck McDaniel

    “What are the 3-5 things you’ll do to build your business?”

    • Write autoresponder emails for PLR subscribers and VA subscribers
    • Create/buy PLR to sell to subscribers and on the site
    • Find Buyers
    • Find and train new product creators
    • Create special offers and products for affiliate promotion
    • Hire VAs to do the work

    “What are the 3-5 things you’ll “sell” to bring in the income?”

    1. PLR on the PLR site
    2. Monthly PLR subscriptions
    3. Weekly PLR subscriptions
    4. LTO Discount promotions
    5. Done-For-You (DFY) Business in a Box (BIB) Edited/installed 1-time
    6. DFY BIBs Edited/Installed Monthly

    ‘What are the price points on those “things”?’

    1. range $1.00-$60.00
    2. range $5.00-$15.00 each/month
    3. range $10.00-$50.00 each/month
    4. range $5.00-unknown
    5. range $35.00-$350 depending on the job
    6. range $35.00-$150/month

    “How many do you need to sell to hit your financial goal?”

    LOL! I should have read this questions before defining “ranges”!
    Obviously, some combination of these products. Here is one combination that seems real

    1. ~$600.00(fixed)
    2. ~100 @ 7.50 = $750/month
    3. ~50 @ $25.00 $1250.00/month
    4. *these specials aren’t monthly
    5. ~$500.00(fixed)
    6. Too far future to define

    * I expect that when I start holding these specials, they’ll make at least the full monthly goal themselves.

    “What has to happen to sell those?”

    • Drive Traffic
    • Build my list
    • Sell subscriptions
    • Create Products
    • Buy products from VAs
    • Create DFY BIBS
    • Create Monthly DFY BIBs
    • Hire VAs
    Buck McDaniel

    Core 4 Daily Work Schedule

    “Write down the 3-5 things that need to happen each day to achieve your goal”

    1. Daily Content Creation
      4:00 a.m.(wake-up): Write content – 1 hour
    2. Write email to subscribers list
      Workdays: 2:00 p.m. 30 Minutes
      Non-workdays: 5:00 a.m. – 30 Minutes
    3. Write email to VA list
      Workdays: 2:00 p.m. 30 Minutes
      Non-workdays: 5:00 a.m. – 30 Minutes
    4. Compile products for upload and upload to site
      30 minutes after completion of step 3 – 1 hour
    5. Look for PLR buyers to tell them about site
      30 minutes after completion of step 4 – 1 hour
    6. * My daily routine fluxuates. Monday is the only day I can work exclusively on the business for any pre-determined time except for the a.m. wake up time somewhere between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m until about 5 a.m. which is my prime writing time.

      I don’t know if I’ll have 4 hours everyday, and I also need time to work on the site itself. Probably during step 4.

    Sean Mize


    It looks like you are making great progress! Is the accountability associated with posting here, helpful?


    Buck McDaniel

    Being able to post here definitely makes me feel more comfortable. Knowing someone is paying attention and can interact with me so I don’t feel alone in what I am doing.

    I like having this as a diary area in that it gives me a fixed place to review what I have done, as well as remind me of what I am to be doing. I am still not comfortable leaving all my cards out in the open here, yet. That’s why I send some of my assignments to you.

    OOPS, you are starting the lesson I need. emails!

    Thank you Very much!

    Buck McDaniel

    Today’s Tasks

    • Attend Live Training w/Sean
    • Setup 5 Autoresponders (Got new system)
      Started, but had to delete and recreate two. Have three to go
    • Write three emails for each one
      Confirm, Thank you, Welcome
    • Promote Website
    Sean Mize

    keep up the good, consistent work!


    Buck McDaniel

    It’s been a long, unproductive week. Lack of sleep and realizing that the technology of putting my plan together isn’t compatible. The best I can do is nappy-patch it by spending a lot routine labor keeping it operational. My goal is to set it up and be able to walk away a week or two at the time and it still function.
    The biggest defeat came when I learned that JVZoo cannot be an option for my plan! Add that to the complexity of what I designed, and at this point, it’s a bust!

    My autoresponder was also upgraded, so what time I had was mostly spent on learning how the new one works and recreating all my autoresponders with the new technologies. I think I have learned what I need to know and started setting up a template for all my autoresponders to make setting them up faster. I have to set them up next.

    I posted my assets and options in “Ask Anything” as a followup to “Just how difficult can I make this?” and opened the floor to answers and suggestions from the subscribers as well as Sean.

    If my wife’s calendar is correct, I have an open day most all day tomorrow! That’s great news. I’ll take that time to finish updating the autoresponders and possibly uploading a new PLR package I bought today.

    I will need to make a decision as to what option to follow. Whether to put RRPLR on the back burner for now and develop another niche line or design a new plan for RRPLR based on what limitations I now know about.

    Buck McDaniel

    After an unproductive work-week (which was to be expected due to my schedule) last week, I entered Saturday a little depressed and discouraged. I had a seriously hard decision to make.
    RRPLR.com turned out to be too much work the way it was currently set up. My goal is to lighten my load, not take on another job.

    Ultimately, the decision was mostly made for me on Sunday when I did what was most on my mind.

    • created a video
    • set up an autoresponder
    • configured a website
    • wrote two blog posts
    • wrote an autoresponder email
    • edited the video
    • posted the video

    Except for a few things like setting up a contact form, about and legal pages, MyAquarium.Rocks is now complete and launched! It’s primarily monetized with adsense and affiliate links, but there is plenty of opportunity to create a sales funnel as well.

    My next decision is whether or not I should interweave working on Weight-Loss while working on the Aquaponics site. I NEED to get back to my weight loss plan! So I’ll be actively thinking about it and writing will come more natural.

    Pros and cons:
    The aquarium site is a blog. It will require some minimal on-going maintenance. But it’s also my hobby, I’ll be working on it for years to come.

    The weight-loss site is to be a sales-funnel. Once completed, nothing! Very minimal maintenance and that’s it. On the other hand, I have nothing! Just my experience. I’ll have to create the site from the ground up, create each piece of the sales funnel, JV info and links, and all the email sequence for the various autoresponders. I guess I better design it, too. I also haven’t even created the matrix for it.

    The weight-loss site will be a lot of work from beginning to end, but when it is done, it is pretty much done. Drive JVs to it and let’er ride!

    I also have my NinjaListSecrets.com site. I think that would be a good one to work on after the weight-loss site. It is a squeeze page with no product and needs an autoresponder. It could be configured for an affiliate site pretty quickly.

    Right now, Ninja’s on the back burner where I expect it to stay. So I am leaning towards touching up MyAquarium.Rocks and then focusing my main attention back on my health, primarily weight loss. In the meantime, I’ll take time off for periodic aquarium work.

    Tonight! Write the second email and check my PLR for a website article on MyAquarium.Rocks.

    Tomorrow: Finish up the legal pages and contact pages for MyAquarium.Rocks.

    The rest of the week: Organize my weight-loss material and start planning my weight loss again.
    Start the 10×10 Matrix outline for weight-loss.
    Write two more emails, and pick and write or rewrite two articles for MyAquarium.Rocks.

    Next weekend: Choose or create an aquarium video and plan the next week’s projects for the site.
    Plan an initiate my weight-loss plan.

    Buck McDaniel

    Today, I reorganized myself. I sorted out what I need to complete each of three websites and to work on my business in general.

    I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to GetResponse today. It’s another learning curve, and it is missing one of the features I have all my websites designed around. Well, that’s not really major, but it means I have to rethink the process of adding members to my list and distributing their free product (if there is one.)


    • Added MailChimp Autoresponder
      (That sucks!)
    • Added GetResponse
      (Another learning curve, but much better)
    • Edited Confirm Page
    • Troubleshooted JetPack-
      Gave up and disabled it– bad tech!

    At this time, MyAquarium.Rocks is completed! I just need to add 1 email to the autoresponder, and then I will just add content as I create it. I have 4 active aquarium, 3 ready to set up. I think I will have plenty to write and video about…:)


    When I replace the autoresponder with GetResponse, I’ll be done with the site itself!
    I just need to create a “template” or “System” to take PLR as I receive it, convert it, and get it uploaded quickly.
    Otherwise, I just need to keep it updated on emails and new products.

    This is my new, in-house created PLR site. It will be where I offer PLR created by me or for me. I will connect it to JVZoo with buy-buttons on each product. I learned I can create one ‘master’ product and make all other products fall in the sales funnel so a JV only needs to be approved for one item and he/she is approved for all.
    Things to do: EVERYTHING! It’s just a domain name now. I doubt I will get to it tomorrow, but it’s here in case I do.

    Well, that’s not really my current business plan, but a friend needed some direction so I assigned him to the 10×10 matrix.

    You can have anything you want in life, if only you help enough other people get what they want.

    (The Late, Great Zig Zigglar)

    Buck McDaniel

    Slow in the progress for today, but I did accomplish things.

    First, I woke up at 5:00 A.M., a bit late for me, and I didn’t know what to write. I usually have something on my mind. Then, I realized I have my 10×10 matrix, so I pulled it out, copied a section of it to a new Writer document and went to writing. I completed my 500 word article in about 45 minutes! I saved the article in it’s folder and pasted the new writing into the outline. Now I have an article and a book chapter! 🙂

    I wasted half the day chasing after money owed me that I’ll probably never see.

    Then, I learned more about GetResponse. It’s layout is a bit illusive to me, so I am struggling to find things I need. I broke it earlier doing some experimenting and spent an hour or more on chat with Tech Support. I figured out the answer and had to explain it to the support guy. Oh well, lesson learned: Experiment on lists that are NOT active and in use!

    I am now deciding whether to write an article on self-improvement or emails for MyAaquarium.rocks….

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