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    Bud Evans

    March 28, 2016
    I have accomplished these things
    1. Major goal and Purpose
    2. Created a 10 X 10 matrix based on current products
    3. Created 4 product creation segments.
    March 28, 2016 Goals
    1. Review and revise one Kindle book for 10 x 10 Matrix
    2. Work on Master Blue print for business 1 hr.
    3. Create for 1 hour.
    4. Listen to one tape
    5. Meditate and think about how all of this fits together.

    Bud Evans

    March 29, 2016

    Reviewed and up dated Time Management a Kindle book.
    1 Hour product creation
    Listened to one Sean Mize tape.
    Developed an over all pattern to take a self-reliance materials and create a coaching program.
    Goals for 3-29-16
    Update and expand 10 x 10 matrix to create a coaching program.
    Edit and up date one Kindle book.
    Create for 1 hour
    Study list building
    Study Bill Platt’s Kindle Book descriptions.
    Study Kindle book covers.

    Bud Evans

    Complete all goals for 3-29-16 except completing review and editing of a Kindle book.
    Goals for 3-30-16
    Spend 1 hr on product creation–Credit Cards
    Work on list building–develop a plan and goals.
    Work on squeeze page
    Find or create a giveaway for list building
    Review/revise Vegetable gardening book
    Study kindle book covers
    Write an experimental book description based on hypnotic engagement.

    Bud Evans

    Completed these project for 3-30-16
    Product creation
    Studied List Building
    Studied mechanics of a successful squeeze page
    Reviewed Vegetable gardening book
    Reviewed some Kindle book covers
    Started a new book description.
    Goals for 3-31-16
    Product creation
    Find a domain name for self-reliant coaching and sales site.
    Work on squeeze page.

    Bud Evans

    Accomplished April 1, 2016
    Content Creation
    Worked on mind map of Self Reliance coaching program
    Reviewed a Kindle book.
    Studied squeeze page construction
    Took afternoon off.

    4-2-16 Goals
    Mindmap software evaluation
    Content Creation
    Study List building
    FB Post
    Review Linkin

    Bud Evans

    Have created at least 800 words of content each day.For the working week.
    Spent a lot of time trying to get word press installed in a new domain. My web host, bluehost will not let the program read the data base whether created manually or other wise. Will try to resolve this today. I think they are trying to force the user to pay them $29.00 to install wordpress.
    This weeks goals
    – Get website setup.
    – Start loading information to membership site.
    – work on membership sales.

    Bud Evans

    Resolved issue with wordpress and bluehost. Will now build the site.
    –Set up web site
    — Study membership site setup on GetResponse.
    — Complete product creation for day

    Sean Mize


    How is this accountability and the act of reporting in, helping you?


    Bud Evans

    The following is a list of answers to the questions on How to Develop Your Blueprint.

    I will hold myself accountable to each of these actions. As the blueprint develops due dates for one year will be added.
    If anyone is interested in this program please email me budpersonal@gmail.com
    Part 1 (So I understand your Dream Business):
    1) What exactly is your Dream Business?
    My dream business is a a coaching/membership site to help all people become self-reliant in their lives. The secondary part of this dream business is a writing and selling of books in this area.
    2) Why do you believe you should create it?
    There are a lot of information sites out there in the field of self-reliance. No one with the exception of one or two even address self-reliance from a total personal and family point of view. No one offers to provide coaching in this area and at this level.
    3) How will your BIG IDEA change lives?
    This program will help many people to live a more satisfying life in both good times and bad.
    4) How is it different (or similar) to other web businesses that do something similar?
    My goal is to provide direct help to people in these areas. There are survivalist sites out there but none that directs self-reliance to a total life plan.
    5) What will be included in your BIG BUSINESS dream site?
    The site will include 12 modules related to self-reliance.
    • My life story to show why I am qualified to do this.
    • A gardening segment for home food production.
    • How to buy land for your own homestead.
    • How to create a budget to allow you to reach your goals.
    • Getting out of and staying out of debt.
    • Home meat production.
    • Family storage, not just food but many of the other things you could need.
    • Housing, how to buy and define what you need.
    • Transportation, what do you really need.
    • Health planning, insurance, first-aid and alternative medicine.
    • Emergency planning, long term planning and immediate action.
    • Community involvement.
    • Spiritual self-reliance.
    • Energy, how to store it and created.
    6) Please tell me anything and everything else about what you dream about in your business.
    I have a section in my personal mission statement, “service– I will help at least 1 million people to approach their physical, spiritual, financial, mental and social potential.” This business is probably the only way that I can even approach the achievement of this desire.
    Part 2 (So I understand what your weaknesses are so we can work with/around them):
    7) What challenges have you faced in the past in trying to implement your BIG DREAM?
    My greatest challenge has always been time and focus. I attempt and generally accomplish way more than I should. As I grow older the physical tasks take longer and I no longer have that time. I am 74 years old and in excellent health. I can still out work, both mentally and physically most 30-year-olds.
    8) If you have never started, why not? What held you back?
    I have started this program by writing Kindle books, however the sales have not been what they should be. That will be one of the subtopics in my master plan– to sell more books.
    9) If you have started, but failed or stalled, what happened?
    I get stalled because I run out of time and energy.
    10) What do you see as your 3 biggest weaknesses?
    • I have had a low self-esteem in the past. I think I have finally overcome that.
    • I take on too many tasks at once.
    • I am slow to accept help from others when it is offered.
    11) How do those weaknesses stunt your growth?
    I don’t think they stuck my growth.
    Part 3: (So we can begin designing your business fast!):
    12) Who desperately NEEDS what you are going to teach, share, or sell?
    Nearly every person and family living in the world today needs what I’m going to sell. The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints probably has the best program to date. However this does not seem to be acceptable to most of the population.
    13) Why do they need it from YOU and no one else?
    I have been through it. I grew up in the mountains of Montana on a self-reliant homestead/business that my family owned. I have yet to know of anyone that is developed the self-reliance that my parents had. I spent my entire life working on the self-reliant lifestyle.
    14) Is anyone else doing exactly the same thing?
    There are others teaching survival skills, lots of sites teaching gardening skills, some teaching financial skills and so forth. However, none of these programs integrate all of these areas in the one place.
    15) How is YOUR solution different or better than everyone else who teaches what you want to?
    16) How is YOUR solution going to change people’s lives?
    My solution to the problem will change people’s lives. They will become more confident and more self-assured in their lives. As they move through this program they will understand the true meaning of freedom and gain the personal rewards of providing for themselves.
    17) Is your solution simpler or more complex than the existing solutions?
    I do not believe that my solution is simple nor complex. It requires individual effort to follow through on the steps necessary to gain personal fulfillment.
    18) Do you want to be the LEADER in your business concept, or just go along with everyone else and get by?
    I believe that a lot of people I am already a leader in this area.
    19) Did you make MORE revenue last year online than the year before?
    Yes, my income increases every month but is not the level that I need yet.
    20) Are you already selling your solution in a smaller form, but you want to go big and viral now?
    I want to be able to have a lot of people get an understanding of personal self-reliance therefore I would like it to go viral to help a lot more.
    21) If so, how many units do you sell each month, and at what price each?
    I sell approximately 10 units a month priced from 99 cents to $27.
    22) Do you have an enthusiastic fan base to whom you can tell about your great idea? If so, what is that fan base, and how many are in it?
    No I do not, that is one of the things that I need to build.
    23) If you KNOW you can change lives, but haven’t been able to, what are the top 3 things that have stopped you from doing it?
    • Enough Internet exposure.
    • Money to advertise.

    • A list to promote it
    24) Do you want to follow a proven model, or do you want to re-invent the wheel?
    I believe the most productive model will be to follow a proven model.
    25) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to change the world with your solution?
    10, I really want to make a difference.
    26) On a scale of 1-10, how bad to you want to make $100k this year with your solution?
    10, I would like to double that 100K this year. However that being said I’m going to establish a lower goal and develop a stretch plan.
    27) How hard are you willing to work to make it happen?
    I will do whatever it takes.
    28) What are you willing to drop or get rid of to make $100k this year changing the world with your solution?
    • If I can find a way to supplement the income on a monthly basis, I will quit doing repair work for others in my shop. That will free up over 20 hours a week.
    • I will attempt to get others to help with the outside work on this 20 acre farm. That will free up another 10 to 20 hours a week.
    29) What will be the 3 biggest things that would change in your life if you get this viral innovative business off the ground?
    • It will provide a legacy for my family.
    • I will of achieved one of the major goals of my life.
    • My wife and I will be financially free for the first time in our lives.
    30) Final question (yahoo!!) – what is going to be the BEST PART about working with me on this?
    I believe, that of all the people I have worked with and look to for Internet help, you are the most sincere and I believe you have a program that I can use. You start with the basics and build up from there.
    P.S. Have these questions already given you an amazing clarity??
    They are certainly improved my understanding of myself and saw my weaknesses and emphasized my strengths.

    Bud Evans

    April 18, 2016

    — 2000 words product creation done
    — Notify email list done
    — Work on squeeze page
    — Sell sol’n on the web
    — review comments on accountability center.

    Bud Evans

    Here is the draft of my matrix for my Self Reliance sites. I would appreciate anyone,s comments. Sean, asked me how this was helping me. It gives me a place to check up on my major goals.

    Bud’s membership site matrix.

    Bud’s life story to show the path to self-reliance.
    • Birth to two years of age
    • two years to school.
    • Grade school.
    • High school.
    • College.
    • First marriage.
    • According Maxine.
    • Moved to Missoula.
    • Moved to Frenchtown.
    • Moved to Shelton.
    • Moved to the Tri-Cities.
    • Moved to Benton city.
    • Last 25 years.
    • Seeds.
    • Soil types.
    • Irrigation.
    • Garden plan.
    • Weeds.
    • Sprays.
    • Organic gardening.
    • Harvest.
    • Raised beds.
    • Fences.
    • Fertilizer.
    Buying land
    • Defined what you want 2016.
    • Research ways to finance.
    • Searching for land.
    • Realtors.
    • Use of classified ads.
    • Land-use restrictions.
    • Irrigation.
    • Well water and so forth.
    • Improvements necessary.
    • Financing.
    • With their without housing?
    • Look at land.
    • Buy sell agreement.
    • Closing the sale.
    • Goals.
    • Income from other sources.
    • Employment income.
    • Expense and income notebook.
    • Outgo.
    • Tithing.
    • Savings.
    • Schooling.
    • Work expense.
    • Food expense.
    • Auto expense.
    • Medical expense.
    • Insurance expense.
    • Kids.
    Getting out and staying out of debt.
    • Attitude March 28, 2016.
    • Mindset March 28, 2016.
    • Home debt April 14, 2016.
    • Car debt April 14, 2016.
    • Education debt.
    • Budget intro April 14, 2016.
    • Life plan.
    • Debit plan.
    • Use of cash April 15, 2016.
    • Necessary debt.
    • Cash April 30 first 2016
    Meat production.
    • Introduction.
    • Land space.
    • Fences.
    • Chickens.
    • Rabbits.
    • Pigs.
    • Cattle.
    • Butchering.
    • Storage.
    • Eat what you grow.
    • Freezers.
    Family Home storage.
    • Clothes.
    • Baby stuff.
    • Dry foods.
    • Frozen foods.
    • Home canned foods.
    • Store purchased food.
    • Air dried foods.
    • Freeze-drying.
    • Long-term plan.
    • Cash.
    • Car parts.
    • Fuel.
    • Energy.
    • Emergency heating.
    • Root cellar.
    • Introduction.
    • What do you need.
    • What do you want.
    • Would you do self repairs.
    • Size.
    • Area.
    • Age.
    • Insurance.
    • Utilities.
    • Family size.
    • Guest apartment.
    • Other personal considerations.
    • Research vehicles based on need.
    • What do you need?
    • Cars?
    • Truck?
    • How to maintain.
    • Cost per mile.
    • Fuel type.
    • Can you store fuel?
    • Going to work transportation.
    • Garage.
    • Find a mechanic.
    • Annual expense.
    • What payment can you afford?
    Health planning.
    • First-aid.
    • Every day care.
    • Alternative medicine.
    • Insurance.
    • Deductible costs.
    • Find a doctor.
    • Special needs.
    • Average monthly cost.
    • Long-term care costs.
    • Supplies to store.
    Emergency planning.
    • Stay in place.
    • Bug out bag.
    • Generator.
    • Fuel.
    • Long-term energy.
    • Make this a budget item.
    • Emergency food.
    • Emergency drugs.
    • Security and protection.
    • Assess medical skills.
    • Emergency cash.
    • Emergency auto stuff.
    Community involvement.
    • Introduction done.

    Spiritual self-reliance.
    • Introduction done.
    • Introduction to energy for the self-reliant April 12, 2016.
    • Power company.
    • Solar.
    • Would heat.
    • Would gas.
    • Waterwheels.
    • Alcohol.
    • Waste to energy, pyrolysis.

    Time management.
    • All have the same amount of time.
    • See Kindle book.

    Develop a life plan.
    • Introduction April 18, 2016.
    • Steps
    • . Family involvement.
    • Goals.
    • What you and your family really want.
    • Income to support wants and needs.
    • Family.
    o Number of children.
    o How do you plan for them. Now and in the future.

    Buck McDaniel

    It looks like you are writing a book. It looks good. After the first section, your history, the rest appears to be good for articles, etc.

    Great topic, too.

    Bud Evans

    Things to do to day
    — Product creation– done
    Work on squeeze page
    Study and work on membership site
    Post to old list
    Post new content on mrselfreliant.com
    Post to facebook
    Replant tomato plants–done there is a story here.

    Bud Evans

    Every thing was accomplished for yesterday except Posting to old list.
    Todays Projects
    Product Creation done
    Work on membership site.
    –Set up on mrselfreliant.com
    –Look for other plugins to improve text input.
    Make video on the Gardner Goofed–great self reliance item.
    Work on squeeze page.
    Post to facebook.
    Research ways to distribute video with links etc.
    Review the core four plan.
    Review master blue print.

    Sean Mize


    Great matrix!

    Now you can use each line to create videos, articles, book pages, and so on . . plus web content and membership lessons!


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