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    Sean Mize

    Autoresponder on all blog posts – put it in a sidebar widget and have it appear on all blog posts

    like I do here:

    example article with sidebar optin


    Mark Rhodes


    I have usually put mine in the sidebar like Sean’s example. But I saw something the other day that made me think.

    On my longer blog posts, I might even offer a PDF version of the post for the lead magnet. It seems to me that some of your material might be perfect for that.

    “I know, I know… This is a really long article. Click here to get a PDF version to read later.”

    You could put that in the sidebar, in the middle of the article, or at the bottom.


    Bud Evans

    Here is this weeks list. I still need to review last week and be sure that all thing were covered.

    Week of May 23, 2016.
    • Product creation.
    • Post to list. Not done
    • Facebook.
    • Work on list building.
    • Work on traffic to sites.
    • Review gardening materials.
    • Work on gardening module
    Tuesday. May 24,2016
    • Product creation– time management
    • Sell solution on LinkedIn.
    • Work on this building.
    • Develop time management
    Wednesday, May 25, 2016.
    • Product creation
    • Post to list.
    • Squeeze page to web.
    • Work on posting Membership site.
    Thursday, May 26, 2016.
    • Product creation
    • Post to list.
    • Post to web.
    • Review actions for the week.
    • Work on membership site
    • Format first module for server storage.
    Friday, May 27, 2016.
    • Product creation.
    o Review and write summary for time management
    • Post to list
    • Post to Facebook.
    • Post to Pinterest.
    • Start implementation of traffic plan.
    • Review and study list building.
    • Review and post first two modules to website..

    Sean Mize


    Are you seeing things come together? have you been more productive with this accountability and posting?


    Bud Evans


    Yes to both. I just took on a bigger task than I had predicted. It will be worth it in the end.

    Bud Evans

    Sunday evening
    I will not get a lot of time to report in here next week as there are all kinds of must do things that have come up here. They could be called distractions and they certainly are for this project. However, many of the have a priority of their own. I wrote a short article on excuses a while ago. Reasons and excuse are the same thing if we do not develop a plan to deal with them. That being said here is my next weeks membership site Creation plan. I complete almost every item last week except for some social media posting.
    I will create one article, video or sales page each day.
    I will post to some web entity each day.
    I will determine the levels of my membership and how to install them in the software.
    I will upload the first two modules.
    In addition I will complete these other projects.
    –Fix wiring on friends 5 wheel truck.
    — Replace starter and ignition switch in son’s car so he can get to work.
    — Replace timing belt and tune up on friends Outback
    — Plant 100 tomato plants
    — Plant 2 5 X 10 foot raised beds with beets. This should keep me busy.
    Steady and continuous progress is better than giant spurts. The old adage of, three steps forward and two steps back is best as long as the forward step is bigger than the backward steps.

    Buck McDaniel

    I love your reasons and excuses statement. 🙂

    Sometimes, I have reasons, sometimes they are excuses.

    Sean Mize


    sometimes the distractions “just happen” and that’s okay.

    The key is getting back on track – or recognizing, as you do, that some of them are important – even if they ARE distractions


    Bud Evans


    The surprise is that I actually accomplish all last week.

    Here is this week’s list.

    Week of June 6, 2016.
    Product creation x5
    Post to list
    Post to websites
    Post to Facebook.
    Develop membership site teaching pattern. Previous organization of lesson modules was inadequate.
    Work on additional squeeze pages.
    Evaluate and develop list building plan.

    Well we have an early summer here in the Washington desert. The temperature today was 103°F. That makes me revise my work schedule. I like to do my writing and my creative stuff first thing in the morning, but now it will have to be done later in the day when the temperature reaches a higher level. The outside stuff left be done early in the morning.
    I must say that this accountability center is helping me to accomplish that which I must. I have always used a Franklin planner and will continue to do so but the two combined together make a great method to help me get things accomplished.


    Sean Mize


    glad to hear the accountability center is helping too!


    Bud Evans

    Last weekend was a bummer. It is carried over into this week and will occupy a lot of my time. In addition to the items listed below I will post to Facebook and LinkedIn this week about my self-reliance program. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from local people. With that in mind when I get the site up I’m going to take out ads in the local free press newspaper. That little paper has given me surprising results in the past. I am also learning a lot of new things about membership sites, video creation and using an autoresponder with a membership site.
    I am making consistent progress but is not nearly as fast as I would like.

    Monday, June 13, 2016
    • Product creation video script
    • Review complete self-reliance program.
    • Work on membership site home page.
    • Review membership site manual.
    Tuesday, June 14, 2016
    • Product creation video script.
    • Work on membership site home page.
    • Organize lesson one of membership site.
    • Upload lesson to server.
    Wednesday, June 15, 2016.
    • Create draft video.
    • Work on membership site organization.
    • Write and review lesson plan for lesson 2.
    Thursday, June 16, 2016.
    • Continue video production.
    • Complete membership site home page.
    Friday, June 17, 2016.
    • Complete first video and start second production.
    • Review all work completed to ensure consistency and relevancy.
    • Upload completed membership site home page to WordPress.

    Sean Mize


    How did last week measure up – what did you accomplish from that list?


    Bud Evans

    Bud’s accountability, June 20, 2016.
    Too damn that or do something different with this accountability. I’m going to include many of the things that are not related to my self-reliance website. And when I get done with listing my accountability I’m going to include a little bit about how I have learned to plan my time over the years.
    I did not complete everything on last week’s list. So it is and move forward to this list. The reason being, the excuse, was that I had a lot of other things get in the way. We had some intense family problems to deal with and I had a bunch of shop work for friends and neighbors that needed to be completed. Just as an aside I make or $50 an hour for my shop work. This gives me the needed income to balance my budget and move forward with this project and it provides a valuable service to others at a price they can afford.
    Monday, June 20, 2016.
    • Complete Subaru electronic set up.
    • Clean shop.
    • Product creation article on journals.
    • Whole corn.
    • Plant beans.
    • Work on membership set up on website. (This is taking a lot more time than I expected.)
    Tuesday, June 21, 2016.
    • Thorton truck and shop.
    • Repair tractor radiator.
    • Weed office garden raised bed.
    • Go to the bank..
    • Continue work on setup of membership website..
    • Product creation, subject to be determined.
    Wednesday, June 22, 2016.
    • Work on Smith Van.
    • Work on weeds in house garden.
    • Continue troubleshooting of wiring on Thorton trailer hauler.
    • Product creation, continue work on video scripts and sales videos.
    • Membership site work on PayPal integration to monthly payments.
    Thursday, June 23, 2016.
    • Clean office.
    • Product creation, work with video animator to create sales video.
    • Post material for lesson one to server.
    • Test membership website for items completed.

    Friday, June 24, 2016.
    • Possible trip to zoo with family. If this comes about the rest of this day will be moved to next week.
    • Product creation, I Value A Family Time.
    • Work on website and attempt open to the public.
    • Brainstorm and organize membership site sales promotion.
    • Create crowdfunding sales site.
    Saturday, June 24, 2016.
    • Bud’s day.
    Now I’d like to take some time and talk a little bit about how I have integrated this accountability project in the my normal method of accounting for my time. I have been one of the lucky people to have been sent by my employer many years ago to attend the Franklin Covey courses on personal daily and long-term planning. I have revised that training and use it for years. That training was a turning point in my life. Since I fully developed a method to use it I accomplish approximately 20 tax each week that take over two hours plus when I allow it I have time for myself. I always include family time in this planning. My wife and I have been married for 65 years and we have almost always had some sort of a date each week in those 65 years.
    I create a mind map each week for what I want to accomplish and then I move that into my daily planner. I don’t know what there is about it but writing those tasks down in that planner seem to be the catalyst to getting them done. That planner also becomes a journal. I just hope that my family enjoys them after I’m gone.
    Many times I create a mind map based upon the various jobs or job titles that I need to accomplish each week. I have found that weekly planning is the shortest period of time that you can do to ensure your accomplishment of tasks. It is also important to have monthly plans nearly plans and long-term plans. I hope that this is helpful to someone. My greatest goal in life is to be able to help other people to make their lives better. If you want more information about my methods don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Bud Evans


    Did any one notice the typo in this post. We have only been married 45 years not 65. Sorry,


    Sean Mize


    one of the real keys with accountability like this is going back and daily evaluating how you measured up and why or why not.

    So you can improve.

    if it’s just a to-do list that never gets finished . . .it’s not helpful.

    Evaluation on a daily basis is key


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