Cold Emailing vs. Building Relationships

by Rick Smith
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    Rick Smith

    Every once in awhile I have some flexibility at the day job where I can do something other than focus on the day job work. What I should have done today was work on editing audio tracks for one of the video clips in my lesson #1 video. What I did instead was allowed myself to follow the siren song and get distracted by watching a webinar about cold emailing. There were several issues with this webinar.

    1. The dude says cold calling doesn’t work. He’s right. It doesn’t. Instead, he suggests you cold email and not cold call. Ummm…what’s the difference?

    2. He gave some actionable info but it was mostly testimonials and sales pitch. Unfortunately, many webinars today follow this format. Maybe it works. I don’t know. What I do know is this is the complete opposite of what Sean does. Even Sean’s free info offers plenty of actionable content.

    3. I downloaded some of the guy’s templates and reviewed them. The cold email templates were, well, cold. I’m actually not kidding! As I sat there reading them, I couldn’t help but think about what Sean has been teaching for years but specifically the last few weeks about relationship traffic.

    So as I was sitting there reading these templates it occurred to me that if I use Sean’s methods and philosophies I don’t have to worry about cold emails or cold email templates. Why? Because I’ll have a relationship with my subscribers and prospects so it won’t have to be cold!

    No more distractions today!

    Trevor Dumbleton

    1. Cold calling rules vary by country – it’s still legal here in the UK and it still happens which means the numbers game is working & some people are still making cash from it. Cold calling is usually telephone based, cold emailing is sending emails instead. It still happens so it must still work but Gmail, etc. are filtering most of it so the numbers are likely big for any meaningful response. Personal view => avoid.

    2. Sounds like a standard webinar formula – promise of no fluff, delivery of fluff. Does it work? Yes, there are people doing it, some of whom have been retargeting me for some time so unless they’re not monitoring their numbers then it’s working. Personal view => follow Sean’s approach. Small lists with rabid followers regularly out perform big lists and I think things will polarise even more in that direction.

    3. A lot of supposed “tested” emails are anything but that. Your voice comes across in the writing – good that you’re recognising things aren’t always as they seem.

    Excellent that the penny has dropped!

    Targeted beats mass market in almost any market – witness the proliferation of soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and almost anything else.

    Trust helps enormously as well, which is what Sean’s methods lead to.

    Bob Thibodeau

    I agree with both of your posts. I’ve been “suckered” into several of these “tested systems” – and made a grand total of $0 from them! Somehow, someway, I was blessed with coming across Sean’s teachings…and his system totally destroyed these other systems (in my opinion). He never went for the “hard sell” and usually had a comment somewhere along the line of “this is not for everybody” – which is true. I have not purchased ALL of Sean’s offers (sorry Sean) – but I have purchased MANY of them! I am gleaning information from every product…incorporating some into what I’m doing now…some ideas are being incorporated in “the next thing” – some are just in a folder, waiting to be used.

    Point being, I receive almost 300 emails per day (maybe more now)…I go through the list looking for any responses from my GetResponse autoresponders about somebody who signed up or contacted me…then I go over any subject matter to identify anyone who is contacting me with questions…then I look for Sean’s emails…all the rest go into the trash. I don’t even give them the time of day. So their “open rates” are not going to include me reading their emails!

    Relationship – that was well put Rick. Even though I’ve never “met” Sean, yet, I have talked back and forth through email with him a few times…and I feel I have that ‘relationship’ that can be trusted. Everything I am doing in setting up this training program (which should be ready the end of this week) is based on Sean’s trainings. As I’m going through double checking everything…I’m “impressed” with what I was able to put together…as compared to “I hope this works” when I tried things from other marketers before. This is “ME” inside the training, inside the emails, inside the autoresponder…it has “my personality” (that may be good OR bad…depending on who you talk to…LOL).

    I’m not looking to get rich off of this first membership training…I’m interested in “learning from it” and “building on it.” That takes the pressure of me to “make sales” and moves me over into the area of (as Sean teaches) of “What can I do to help you?”

    Stay in touch, guys!

    Great stuff!


    Sean Mize

    Glad to see some very interesting discussion here –

    I think one lesson learned here is that you have to think for yourself and decide what YOU want your business to look like … and spend time on that, be careful about frittering away time on webinars!!

    Having said that, keep in mind . . . just because I do it doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY way – it’s A way – but you still have to decide what you want YOUR business to look like 🙂

    And there are other ways of building your business – and you are right, Bob, when you do what I do, you build trust and relationships 🙂


    Rick Smith

    Sean –

    You’re exactly right. I have to be very careful about frittering away time on webinars. What made that one even worse was that not only did I essentially waste that hour of my life, the guy didn’t teach much actionable content so I didn’t learn much I didn’t already know about the topic. However, I did learn one thing. Well, I don’t know that I learned as much as got reminded of it. Building relationships is a much better way to build one’s business as opposed to learning some technique for cold emailing.

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