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by Sharon Bechtold
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    Sharon Bechtold

    Hi Sean,

    I’m having trouble with creating a good opt-in. I’ve written a bunch of articles but am hesitating on publishing them because I don’t know where to direct readers to opt-in. I do have a website (very generic) and an existing opt-in but it is pretty lousy (something I modeled around someone elses stuff).

    I have a number of different products and services that revolve around creative approaches to self empowerment and living a life on purpose. I am known for my storytelling and artwork. I want to publish books, create games/tools and build coaching programs that use imagination and creativity to connect to Spirit and empower people to live the lives they were created for.

    A few years back I wrote a book called Through Wild Eyes as an opt-in. It contained original art and wisdom messages from the animals pictured. It invited people to open their imaginations and learn from the natural world.

    It was quite popular, unfortunately it seemed to attract a crowd that was obsessed with animal spirit guides and shamanism. And though the book does contain messages from animal spirit guides, the focus is on the message NOT the messenger.

    As a shamanic bard (sacred storyteller) I have run into this problem, I almost hesitate to tell people where the information comes from because all they want is some “magical” experience. The real magic is in the message.

    I also created a deck of 42 Cat cards called Cattitude – The Feline Art of Sacred Self Indulgence. Each card corresponds to a message from cat on the topic of authenticity, and connection to Spirit (indulging the self in the Divine in order to find true purr-pose). I have no clue how to market this. The project (like most of my work) was inspired. I was directed to create it and so I did. Now its my job to get it out into the world. Apparently Spirit knows I can do this – somehow.

    I have been given a unique way to spread important truths and empower people to embrace the lives they were created for, unfortunately I am unsure as to how to communicate this so that I attract those who are looking for the message and not obsessed with the messengers.

    Although shamanism is a part of my path, I don’t believe it is necessary for people to practice or even understand it (I don’t practice as a traditional shaman, I simply receive messages from Spirit and create based on these prompts). My message is more about using imagination and creativity to make sense of things, to open to the voice of Spirit, and to discover true purpose in life.

    So my question again becomes – what opt in would be best? Or at the very least, where do I begin?

    Thank you.

    Sean Mize


    Make it really simple to start.’
    Go to section 2 in the member section, and read the 3 lessons on creating a squeeze page, then create a simple one to start.


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