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    David Whitfield

    By December 1ST 2016 I will have built a business helping 1000 or more people with products that equal to $500 or more delivered in membership sites, comprised of software, and content; via written, audio, video and webinars.

    Reaching my goal will mean financial freedom, moving back to the usa, a university or Bible college for my youngest daughter, and the ability to constantly financially and pysically support select ministries. It will mean the ability to restore my relationship with my children and grandchildren and providing a space for them to grow in my life and me theirs

    Emotionally I will feel achievement and able to go beyond that goal onward to higher and broader ones.

    The biggest 3 things holding me back
    1) taking action
    2)using time wisely

    These things and/or others will no longer hold me back. By my taking this step to write this down, is the first action to doing my goals no matter what.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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