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    Robert Mason

    Hi De James, pleased to meet you. Golly, you have a great task list – just want to wish you all the best with that – you have certainly broken it down to a detailed level. I look forward to seeing your success.


    De JAMES

    Thank you for the best wishes – I had previously mind-mapped it but couldn’t see how to upload that.


    Shelia Solomon

    Hi De!

    I’m excited to see your work and progress. BTW, when I clicked your link I got a Wix site not connected page. If you need help with DNS, let me know.


    De JAMES

    Hi Shelia

    Thanks for the offer – I might take you up on it if it falls down again, which it might when try I attach my other domains. For now it appears to be up and running again.

    Basically I want to have all my domain names – .org, and .net to all point at the same web pages, which are presently over at My domain names are all at, so yes I might well need help in achieving that. Thanks


    Robert Mason

    Hi De James

    I also use 123Reg – also in the UK – and I shall also be pleased to help you.


    De JAMES

    Hi Sheila and Rob,

    Thanks for the kind offers – I have now managed to get all domain names to point to my web pages.
    It seems like I’m not such a technophobe afterall

    I haven’t a clue why it works – just followed the instructions from Wix.

    I’d recommend them if you want a simple professional website and don’t want to get down and dirty with WP. They are very much WYSIWYG.

    It is limiting though, I must warn. Eg. I am not sure if I can use their Forum app for my membership site or not. Hoping so!


    De JAMES

    Accountability Reporting 7th / 8th

    – got all domain names to work
    – spent an hour yesterday and today doing background reading for a topic which I’m hoping will lead to 3-4 blog posts for my niche
    – did more FB / TW learning – fast coming to the conclusion that the underlying technique of them all is blogging


    Julia Rotgers

    Hi, So good to see you here! Good to meet you.

    How’s your progress on your list?
    What are you working on first?


    De JAMES

    Hi Julia

    I didn’t notice this reply, sorry I was not ignoring you. And thanks for asking.

    I have spent the last week through to Thursday working on my blog. I had to do some background reading to catch up and I then created 3 blog posts which I posted to my website. I also re-did a bit of the website.

    I have also been using “dead time” to listen to a whole load of podcasts and Udemy training courses on social media marketing and FB advertising

    I have also added some content and images to my LI page

    Added images to my FB page

    Since the session on Weds, I have been working on my lead magnet which I will post over the weekend for any comments

    Next, I have to create the squeeze page – I think Sean is right; makes sense to build it on one’s own site rather than pay a subscription



    De JAMES

    Hi – just managed to get back into this site – was having logging-on problems – don’t ask – sorted just now.

    I thought I’d do an infographic for my lead magnet – I read somewhere people like simple things – now that I’ve done I am not sure that it will work. It is only a rough draft – I intend to get someone on Fiverr dot com to design it properly. I would really value the comments of anyone who has the time to take a look. Don’t hold back – I’m open to your honest opinions. Just so that you know I’ll get them to produce it for A3 so it won’t be so small.

    Here ls the link, the password is the name of our leader “mize”
    You can download the pdf to see it better

    I’ve been having a go at the squeeze page as well, but haven’t quite managed to integrate it with Constant Contact
    The link to the squeeze page as it stands is

    Thanks in advance


    Sean Mize


    I like your squeeze page!

    I would suggest including the optin form on that page, rather than a 2nd page from the download link

    Also I would suggest a few bullets expressing more about what they will learn in the infographic



    De JAMES

    Hi Sean

    Thanks for the guidance. I did have a few bullet points in an original version of the page but deleted them because I figured I would have a sales letter that would go out in an email that would link to the opt-in page. But you are right I should put some bullets on the website as well. I got the idea of a two page opt-in from a Lead pages webinar in which they claimed they had data showing more opt-ins that way. It might be true on their site because their “second page” is a form only, whereas I couldn’t achieve that on my own site.

    Sean, did you have any comments on the infographic itself?



    De JAMES

    I have updated my optin page to include bullets
    I have removed the second optin page
    I have updated the infographic so it fits better with the bullets


    De JAMES

    Hello all

    Sorry I missed the call today; I have just finished listening to the recording.

    I just heard back from my infographic designer on and they are trying to nearly double the advertised price (to $200) and double the delivery time to 6 days so I am looking for another one for a second quote. It shouldn’t be called anymore but that’s another story.

    Anyway my goals for this week are:
    – finanalise the infographic
    – Integrate and therefore automate all other moving parts of my lead magnet, opt-in page and freebie delivery
    – write the credibility email campaign and set up in Wix’s auto responder. I’ll definitely be reviewing Sean’s email teaching for that
    – Write back to the 20 people on LinkedIn who congratulated me on my new job (When I added my coaching brand to my profile – LI broadcasted my network that I had a new job:). Had I Known it was going to do that I would have been better prepared.)
    – Reactivate my LI group
    – Write at least 3 blog posts

    See you on the next call.


    William Twiner

    Awesome stuff!!!

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