Difference Warrior Plus and Warrior Forum – pros & cons?

by Dale Tyson
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    Dale Tyson

    I see information about both Warrior Plus and Warrior Forum. I now have access to both, but trying to figure out what each should be used for. Does “WSO” relate to one, both, or more programs?

    Don Sturgill

    I’m not an expert on this, Dale, but I’ll chime in with my take on it until the big guns show up.

    Warrior Plus is the place where you launch and sell and get rich quick 🙂

    Warrior Forum is where you trade ideas and get strategic help. WSO’s are “Warrior Special Offers” that are sold only in-house to Warrior Forum members. A WSO can be a good sandbox for learning and/or a good way to give back to the community.

    Wishing you great success.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    The two names can and do get confused but they’re different companies.

    Years ago, the Warrior Forum was run by a guy called Alan Says but he sold out to Freelancer for a very nice sum of money.

    It’s a forum but has a special offers section, hence the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) name.

    The WSO section is a classified advert section – you pay a fee (currently $20 I think) to advertise and there’s also a fee to bump your advert back to the front page of the results.

    It used to be the go-to place to run internet marketing ads. Originally, a WSO had to be cheaper than it was being offered elsewhere on the web but it turned into a made-for-WSO section where people would launch their latest internet marketing products. Which a few years ago worked very nicely – you could get a decent amount of sales for your offer and make your listing fee back fast.

    The forum nature of the adverts meant that people could add comments and questions so there is a social proof element, helped by a I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you’ll-scratch-mine system of affiliates posting generally favourable reviews of new products. Product owners are able to get negative feedback removed if the negative person hadn’t bought the product.

    Initially you had to set up your own payment buttons which is a pain in the neck to do if you want to pay out affiliates.

    Warrior Plus (owned by Mike Lantz) solved that and handled all the behind-the-scenes things like payment buttons, graphics for the buttons, splitting money with affiliates (less a cut for Mike’s company), awarding “product of the day” and quite a few other things.

    Over the years, Warrior Plus has bypassed the Warrior Forum and most offers on Warrior Plus never get listed on the Warrior Forum but they’re often still referred to as WSOs.

    JVZoo offers a similar service and was also used as a payment system for WSOs.

    Warrior Plus & JVZoo have affiliates who check what’s being launched – both sites have a launch calendar of sorts, MunchEye also lists some launches – and people can ask to promote.

    This is reasonably pro-active on the part of affiliates although as with all affiliate marketing but especially internet marketing it’s buyer and vendor beware. You need to do your own quality control checks if you want to keep your list from buying utter junk (I have my own private list of vendors I’d never promote, so do a lot of other affiliates)

    There’s no real quality control over offers or affiliates but Warrior Plus and JVZoo do offer a delayed payment option for affiliates you don’t know or recognise.

    As an affiliate, Warrior Plus handles the delayed commission whereas on JVZoo it’s up to the vendor to pay it out. Been there, done that, got burned by some vendors.

    Warrior Forum is internet marketing only, free offers now have a separate section (there were WSOs a few years ago showing how to get a massive list by putting up free WSOs). It’s generally not the go-to place any more but because so many people refer to WSOs the platform is still used.

    Warrior Plus and JVZoo each attract their own vendors and affiliates – once you get used to one system, you tend not to change as a vendor. Neither are limited to internet marketing but both are heavily weighted towards it.

    Both send out emails to potential buyers when new products are launched so you’re potentially exposed to buyers from outside your own list.

    Andrew Waring

    Trevor has given a brilliantly comprehensive answer to the question, so I won’t repeat any of that, however I did want to add one thing. It is worth stating that one advantage that the Warrior Forum has over Warrior Plus, is that you tend to get people ‘browsing’ the WF and therefore the traffic to offers on this platform, in general terms, is greater than on Warriorplus (but of course you pay the $20 fee for this advantage).

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