Do you write captivating emails?

by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    There are only three email marketers I actually make a point of reading EVERY email they send. One of these is Arun Chandrun. He writes PLR and just recently started affiliate marketing to boost his income.

    Today, I deleted probably 30 emails promoting this particular package without even reading them. But, because I love reading Arun’s emails, I had to read this one. This email is a little more special because you can really see his heart in it. But, it really isn’t a lot different from any of his others. He will almost always get my affiliate business if he promotes something I buy regardless of anyone else’s bonuses. He has a very loyal following! (and he’s never done video or audio. 😉

    Normally, I’d say, “Look at how Arun writes emails.” but you also need to see what this girl did:
    Hello Hello!

    I’m back from Phuket. My 3rd holiday in a month… I didn’t have a choice.

    My girlfriend was complaining that on the previous 2 holidays, I was relaxing while she worked. So, I had to bring her on one… cos if I don’t keep her happy, I wont have peace of mind.

    Anyway, enough about her… let me talk about a new girl – Karianne Gagnon. (He posted and image of her.)

    She added me on Facebook sometime back. I didn’t know who she was but she’d message me every now and then and she never failed to make me laugh.
    She’s young, funny, has a cool French accent and if I was 15 years younger I’d probably put the ol’ Arun moves on her…

    But well, the best I can do now is talk about her.

    This girl has unbelievable hustle. She sold whatever she could to pay, Alex Jeffreys, 12k just to coach her. Over and above that, she’s saddled with the usual student debt and stuff.

    Yet, she has pushed through and created a product that looks great and has two upsells. One is even for a membership site. Imagine that! She sure is smarter than me…

    ==> See Karianne’s Ultimate Product Monster

    But the best part is that she’s able to mask all that determination and drive beneath a very cheerful and fun personality.

    I bought her product – Ultimate Product Monster. She wanted to give it to me free… but of course, a guy always pays on the first date. HAHAH!

    I went through it and in her introduction video, Karianne says, “I’m not a hard worker. I’m lazy as shit. I want my money to be easy made as well without having to prostitute myself.”

    See… How could you not like someone as brutally honest and funny as her?

    I like people who are real and know how to have a laugh at themselves.

    We have too many politically correct people who’re over-sensitive and need safe spaces. Too many people with an entitled mindset who want everything for free without paying for it with sweat or money.

    And then we have Karianne… who is real and works her ass off and is paying her dues. She’s definitely not lazy like she says… but that’s all part of the charm. This girl will go far. That much I know.

    I hardly ever send out emails recommending MMO products… but I’m making an exception this time.

    If you want to learn product creation and find out what she learned from Alex Jeffreys without paying 12k for it, do get her training. It’s really good.

    If you already know all that and more, buy it anyway.

    It’s just $7… but more importantly, it will motivate her to keep going. I’ve used a direct link… I’m NOT getting any commission from this.

    I just believe in Karianne.

    ==> Check Out Ultimate Product Monster

    All the Best,

    Now, That’s what I call a product promotion! (Yes, I did buy, but the server crashed so I can’t see the upsells or download the product, so I’ll see it after all the dust settles. It’ll be sitting in my zoo account when i’m ready.)

    But, just as importantly, look at the hurdle that woman went through to get there. I feel bad, I didn’t balk up the nerve to pay Sean $97/month and she forked over $12,000! for Alex Jeffreys (Alex is great, but I still prefer Sean.)

    So, the two-fold message is: Can you write compelling emails? and Do you have the balls to take action and get this done?

    Sharon Bechtold

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I’m obsessing right now over sending my list one email per day. I’m afraid they will think I’m a pest, even though I’m sending awesome content in each one. Not even selling anything yet!

    Reading this is encouraging – thanks for posting 🙂

    Buck McDaniel


    You have a most interesting niche I’d never heard of before. I see you have three members, are they burn students? If they are, maybe you could share a hint or two about burning. But ask them questions. Ask them why they joined your newsletter and what they hope to get out of it.

    Keep answering their questions and you’ll keep them coming back.

    Mark Wilson

    Hi Sharon,
    I email my list every day and an average of less than 1% unsubscribe.
    Even yesterday, when I sent what I thought was my best ever motivation/teaching email I got a couple of unsubscribers.
    I think that we are trying to do exactly what you are doing – sending out awesome content – it is not possible for it to connect or resonate with 100% of the people on your list.
    The upside of unsubscribers is that you are left with more of the people who ‘get’ you and look forward to your emails.

    Mark Wilson


    What was the subject line on that email from Arun?
    I’m curious because I’m always trying to write unusual or clever subject lines to help with open rates – there’s a lot of noise to cut through in InboxLand 😉

    Buck McDaniel

    @Mark “I’d Like You To Meet Karianne Gagnon…”

    I guess I should have included it, but that’s not what caught my attention, The from name “Arun”. I always read his email.

    Believe it or not, I scan the from addresses before I look at the subject. I read my “specials” first, then I scan the subjects and delete the ones I don’t intend to read. (It’s the majority of the emails that I don’t read.)

    Sean Mize

    another thought: when folks unsubscribe, they are simply indicating they are not really interested in what you have to say. It’s like when you invite 100 people to your house and only 15 show up – that’s ok, they are the ones who really want to spend time with you.


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