Email Sequence Clarification

by Jenn Glidden
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    Jenn Glidden

    Hi Sean, will you please clarify how you manage your email lists? Do you create a new list and opt-in form for each product you create? If so, are you sending different email followups to each list or the same sequence simply copied over?

    Also, are your leads from article marketing etc getting different sequences or a combination of what they opted in for + value + other product promos?

    Do you regularly purge your list of people who haven’t opened in period of time? I heard you mention buyer cycles of up to a year in one audio.

    Thank you!


    Sean Mize


    I have about 3 main campaigns, and everyone, no matter what list or optin form they come from, goes to one of these campaigns.

    but I also create a unique optin form and list for each product, that way I can send them the 1 (one) download email for that product.

    But they stay on the main list.

    I purge my list of non-opens from time to time – I don’t do it every 30 days, but probably should . . generally do it sporadically when I feel the list is getting bloated


    Buck McDaniel

    Sean, purging non-openers in 30 days might be excessive. Maybe that’s how I lost touch with you last year.

    My email is set not to allow ET to “phone home” to prevent additional spam. You are one of 5 people whose emails I always open and read, no matter what! I lost track of you last year and thought you discontinued your faith-based coaching calls. It wasn’t until last week I discovered you were still at it.

    Very many people have spam-protection that prevents their emails from reporting delivery to minimize spam.

    Please consider that when canning email addresses. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…

    Jenn Glidden

    Thanks Sean!

    Buck I clean my email list out of people who haven’t opened within 90 days. Cleaning it on a regular basis probably makes sense. It’s better for deliverability too, based on what I’ve heard from top email marketers.

    I was off Sean’s list for a while too! Glad to be back on it.

    Sean Mize

    thanks for your thoughts on this . .


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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