Evaluation of my Day 30 Email

by Bob Thibodeau
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    Bob Thibodeau

    I don’t know what happened…but I posted something and it did not show…so I will repost. If a duplicate shows up – you know why.

    I have completed the first 30 days in the autoresponder sequence for my 30 Day FREE Membership program! (Yay ME!)
    I will be continuing the email sequence, probably for about two more weeks (over deliver) as I continue to provide pertinent content to the subscribers. So far, other than a few affiliate links (clearly identified as such) for things they need and may not have, I have not pushed any other training or products.

    In the next two weeks of training, in addition to the training provided, I will begin mentioning the Paid Membership and the benefits, etc. But it will be a soft sell until the end…then there will be two or three emails at the very end that will say something along the line of “If you enjoyed this training and got a lot out of it – join me in “xyz training” for more…etc.

    I want to post the Day 30 email here. I would like to know if you believe I communicated the “continuing” of the training and my heart in it doing so accurately. Any advice, corrections, etc. are appreciated. If someone were to sign up “tomorrow” – I would still have 30 days to “fix” any issues…so no pressure there!

    I have used BOLD and COLOR options in some paragraphs, etc….that do not translate to here…but here is the text

    Here is the email:

    The End of the Line???

    Hi [[firstname]],

    Bob Thibodeau here…

    When you first signed on to this Free Membership 30 days ago, I promised to give you value each and every day. But I also knew, that if I tried to “cram” everything into 30 days – it would do one of two things:

    1. Get very long in the emails as I tried to cram a lot of information and a lot of tasks into each and every one (which would result in most people just deleting the emails because they would be too long to read), or:

    2. Be very short and “bullet points” with no explanation, no motivation and leave everything up to you…

    Both of those options I knew were out there.

    But I wanted to give you value. I wanted to give you something most mentors charged for. I wanted to give you everything you would need to build your business online. A successful business. I wanted to do it for FREE because I was charged thousands of dollars for the same information I am giving away.

    Why am I doing this? Perhaps this should have been in the first email – but then you would not have believed me.

    Now you SEE that I give value. Now you SEE that the information I provide for FREE will build businesses. Now you SEE that I try my very best to keep my word and to help you build your business.

    I am going to keep this email training going a bit longer. How long? I don’t know. Probably a few more weeks at least.


    I want to make sure I pour myself out to you.
    I want to make sure you have all the information you need to apply it to your business.
    I want to make sure the information is provided in bite sized bits so you can understand it.
    I want you to apply what you learn and see that it works!

    SO – forgive me for not finishing this “30 Day Free Membership” in 30 days! I believe in “under promise and over deliver” – and I guess that has applied to this membership as well!

    So – tomorrow – we continue with the training…

    TODAY – I want you to email me and tell me what you think of the training so far. I want you to tell me what areas you are struggling with. I want you to tell me that you are sticking around for the next week or two and that you are applying this training to your business.

    Sometimes – I need to be ministered to as well. Sometimes, I need to hear that people really are reading these emails and applying what they learn. Sometimes, I need to hear that businesses are being built – on FREE TRAINING and not training that costs thousands of dollars! My core business principle is to help people avoid falling for the same traps that cost me thousands of dollars when I first started out.

    So email me at bob@bobthibodeau.com and let me know the answer to those questions and whatever questions you have.

    Tomorrow – back to training!

    And I will be answering your questions, probably twice. I will respond to you through email, personally. AND I will consolidate the questions and provide training on these issues HERE – for FREE!

    Talk Soon!


    Sean Mize


    I like it!

    this should create some response, and keep folks engaged (and of course assuming it’s great content all the way through)


    Bob Thibodeau

    Thanks Sean!

    I emailed my list (862) last night. This morning I had one subscriber. As I logged in tonight, I had three more! So, my stats are 862 mailed. 24 opened. 4 subscribers to the “Free Membership” in 24 hours. Tomorrow, I will mail the remaining list again and see what happens. I was kind of disappointed with the open rate of only 2.8% – but a 16% subscriber rate from those that opened the emails…I’m guessing that’s not bad.

    At least they are “in the daily email rotation” now. Let’s see what the future holds.

    Thanks again for the inspiration and motivation!


    Sean Mize

    so what could you mail today to continue to engage the non-engagers?

    if it’s 2.8% open rate, that’s an older list, or people you don’t mail often, right?


    Bob Thibodeau

    That’s correct, Sean. It’s about six months old. However, just from my daily emails, I am now up to 14 subscribers into the 30 day free membership! “Just from the daily emails!” I’m averaging 45 opens now on each email at 4.8% open rate. Still low – but showing improvement.
    I’m continuing to send daily emails, 5 days per week. The 30 day membership mails 7 days per week.

    Next week, probably the Tuesday email, I’m going to offer a free e-book; reinforce it Wednesday and then “take it away” after the email on Thursday…and see if that will get some more sign ups.

    I’m getting ready to schedule my first “conference call training” on Thursday…I am working on the email for that to the “the group” now. I’ll let everyone know how that goes on this page…

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