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by Jerry Woods
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    Jerry Woods

    Hello Sean

    My request is that you show me the fastest way to get some quick cash. While I know there is no such thing as getting rich quick, I have a desperate need. I have an online webinar tool. I’ve had the passion to do this as a business for along time. I guess I’m not unlike a lot of people, but my need is despaerate even though I have a job, I tithe, but I’m still in financial dire straights. So I would like to try to create a product and have a webinar by the end of the week. But if I did, how could I get people to sigh up for it. The main reason I signed up with your service is that I believe you have the same Christian values as I. Can you help me launch this proper way?

    Kind regards,

    Sean Mize


    Here’s the thing, if you don’t already have a list, that is going to be very very tough.

    You are right, this isn’t get rich quick.

    And you have the right attitude.

    But frankly, without a list of people who follow you, this is going to be very, very tough.

    I don’t want to say it can’t be done.

    But it’s the only way I’ve ever done it.

    The one way I have seen folks do it is to start at the Warrior Forum launching products, but you will likely only make $40 – $100 for the first few you do, while you are building credibility and a buyers’ list.


    Marco Baldwin

    It’s hard being strapped for cash… especially when you have money making tools that’s supposed to make you money.

    But there’s two ways I put money in my pocket when I had none.

    The easiest was spending a few hours outlining, organizing and recording a new audio book after realizing it takes me to long to write.

    Asked everyone I knew to buy my audio book… Double your money back guarantee for those I didn’t know to well.

    Fast, low tech and profitable because it costs me nothing.

    Even put up a squeeze page, bought solo ads and built up a small list I could offer sessions to.

    100% profits went to people with bigger lists.

    But I guess it’s all about what you’re willing to do.

    Sean Mize

    So that was a learning experience.

    why not focus on building a self-built list instead of using solo ads . .

    use lifehack, ezinearticles, and youtube (like you’ve seen me do) to drive leads to build a list.

    You can also use forums.

    But the key is that as long as you have to mail other people’s lists to make sales you are giving away your profit.

    But if you have your own list, whatever you sell is 100% profit to you!


    Marco Baldwin

    Learning experience indeed.

    Building my own list and creating fast products simultaneously is one of the reasons I was interested in your program.

    I just put up a…

    Squeeze page

    Wrote two reports (one free – one for $97). Don’t know if I should lower the price… eventhough I believe it’s worth more.

    Writing three emails selling the $97 report

    And now I’m making several youtube videos like you’ve suggested pointing to my Squeeze page.

    Any thoughts?

    Sean Mize


    great action taking by creating the squeeze pages!

    regarding the $97 doc – what’s it worth?

    what does it teach?


    Marco Baldwin

    It’s worth at least $297. It’s an assessment (report) that comes with a 30 minute cratique (strategy session).

    In short, it’s a report on the power of questions

    Sean Mize

    there are 2 ways to approach this – keep the price where it is and learn to sell at that price.

    but I don’t know your experience level, and the words to get people to give you $97 if they don’t know you aren’t easy to learn.

    so unless you have experience selling online, I think you should price it low to get as many sales as possible and learn the business THEN raise the price to $97 or some other number, once you are experienced


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