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by Trevor Dumbleton
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    Trevor Dumbleton

    In the first few days of joining this program, I’ve been going through some of the training but also set up a small product funnel.

    Yes, I’ve created products before but they’re simple ones so there’s nothing stopping anyone else doing this on a ready, fire, aim basis.

    This isn’t in the pricing that Sean suggests on the sales page for this site but it’s one I’m comfortable with for now. I plan to tweak that over the coming weeks/months.

    Days 1 & 2

    7 short videos created – PowerPoint style, between 2 & 8 minutes per video

    Day 3

    Sales page written & published & Warrior+ buttons added:
    Initial sales page

    Lead product: $4.95 rising by $1 every 24 hours to maximum price of $9.95. Commission to affiliates (and therefore also Warrior Plus) 100%

    Upsells added – first upsell is a combination of 3 products I’ve already made but could equally be you offering private label/master resale rights to the main product. That works, most people don’t use the rights they buy, you’ve got a value-added product created in the time it takes to copy & paste come resale rights yes/no stuff. First upsell $9.95, commission to affiliates 75%

    Second upsell is a membership site I’ve already got created and that’s had a little bit of take up but nowhere near what I’d like.

    Priced at $1 for a 7 day trial then $29/month.

    You could start as Sean suggests with very little content and the promise of more each week or whatever. Or even just a “coming soon, get a lower intro price” offer – nothing like the pressure of a sale or two to push you to create your product!

    Promoted to my list & Warrior Plus will send out some emails as well.

    Sales letters are my style, my voice, not the usual in-your-face IM hype style. Written in about an hour/90 minutes total for all 3 offers in the sequence. Didn’t time exactly.

    Upsell #1 page is here

    Upsell #2 page is here – quite different to my previous sales letter for this (which I’d modeled on one of Sean’s pages), will be interesting to see what happens to response.

    Still to do:

    Squeeze page plus associated freebie giveawy.

    Promotional content leading to squeeze page – likely to be mainly videos.

    Anyone in the IM niche is welcome to promote – Warrior Plus signup link – mention that you’re in Sean’s program and I’ll put you on instant commissions rather than delayed, even if you’re new to Warrior Plus.

    Sean Mize


    Once you create a permanent funnel, you might want to go with $9.95 for the front end or $19.95

    then higher prices in your funnel.

    The low prices are ONLY for getting initial leads NOT for selling in your funnel long run.


    Trevor Dumbleton

    Thanks Sean – had been thinking along those lines – need to get my head out of the $7 IM space!

    Sean Mize


    yeah, the only place the $7 fe is great is for leads from the Warrior Network

    or for front end when monetizing advertising and don’t want to go higher ticket.

    But if you take the time to build a 5 day relationship funnel as I discussed on this week’s live training, and then offer a $97 product with a 3 x $37 payment option . . you might find it outperforms $10 fe


    Trevor Dumbleton

    Thanks Sean – not listened to this week’s training yet (and can’t often get to the call at the particular time & day you’re using but you can never make it perfect for everyone) – am planning to listen to it later today.

    Then will implement and test 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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