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by Donna Walsh
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    Donna Walsh

    One of the things I do is post to at least 2 forums on a regular basis.

    It does 2 things for me:
    1) helps to establish me as an expert in my niche
    2) grows my list of targeted subscribers as my sig file points to a squeeze page for a lead magnet related to much niche.

    Yesterday I posted a LONG post with some advice for someone who just jumped into IM doing PPC right away without even learning anything about it first. He started a blog without defining a specific niche. And he did not spend any time growing a list of targeted subscribers. He wondered why he wasn’t making tons of sales and was getting frustrated with his lack of success.

    When I went to post today, someone said that my post was the best advice he had ever read!

    That was real encouragement for me to continue posting to at least 2 forums every day.

    So, does anyone else use forum marketing for their business and get good results?

    Rick Smith

    Donna –

    I’m not doing any forum marketing. I’m still in the process of identifying my top traffic sources (per Sean’s instructions in many of his audios). Sean talks about forum marketing in several of his traffic audios.

    Donna Walsh

    I was really happy when I read that person’s post as it did prove to me that MAYBE I can create training/coaching programs and provide great value to my clients.

    I have very few obligations so I have plenty of time everyday to work on my business and to try out new things to see what works best.

    Next, I am going to try to do some guest blogging. I will probably start that next week once I am comfortable with my updated Daily Plan and can accomplish those tasks in less time.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Not done much in forum marketing – I used to be fairly active in the Warrior Forum but not many other places.

    As usual, it’s a trade-off between time spent and response achieved from that time.

    You’re getting response to your posts and signups from your signature – congrats!

    Donna Walsh

    Thank you. I allocate only 30 minutes a day for forum marketing and group posting.So that is not much for the results I am seeing!

    When I go to the forum, I don’t just hang out. I type my niche into the search box so I find related posts. Then post to one of them.

    Don Sturgill

    I stay engaged in a few groups, but plan to increase my efforts. It’s a low-cost, potentially high-return endeavor…. IF you choose appropriate forums, remember why you’re there, and don’t let it turn into a time drain.

    Donna Walsh

    Just went to WF to make my daily post.

    I again got another good response to the post I made on Mon. as well as a couple of new subscribers. The ROI on that single post is amazing! So I am posting another long answer to the questions I got about that single post.

    I have read that in order to get a great response and to establish yourself as a leader in your niche, you need to post great content. And I am finding that to be so true.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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