Going Broad to catch up noobs in my membership

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    So after I hve tried to narrow my ideas down to a specific audience, I found out, that if I should target that narrow audience, I would only be able to have a 2 months membership.

    I will target newbies, and then go through every single step of the process from finding your niche, buying a domain name, buying hosting, set up a squeeze page,autoresponders, building starter list, write emails, start with affiliate marketing and then go to product creation ect ect…

    For me it´s the right way to go, and in my opinion the correct way to start teaching other people what I know and later on teach the members what I learned recently in real time so to speak.

    So my target is newbies. They are easier to train, if they have not been violated by 100´s of marketing scams, and just need to get started.

    I´ll try to do it broad, and if it doesn´t work I´ll do narrow.

    Have a nice weekend


    Don Sturgill

    Good for you, Carsten. The toughest part, for me, is to realize that many people don’t even know the fundamentals. They’re lost at the gate.


    Hi Don,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes many people are realy lost even those who have hunted the internet marketing lifestyle for years, by buying useless WSO´s all the time.

    Lets see if I can attract complete newbies to the membership.

    Bob Thibodeau

    Hi folks!

    Yes, Carsten, you and I have the same idea. I’ve been “scammed” so many times in the first 2+ years (although, I have to admit, it was “my fault” for falling into the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)! I was putting together a “Health and Fitness” membership…but my heart just wasn’t in it. After a lot of prayer, I decided that helping those “new” to Internet Marketing avoid the problems I had would be a good place to focus my attention.

    I have been putting together a membership program that should “launch” in the next week or so. It is only four weeks long and is designed to take them from the “ground floor” to their “first sale” in 30 days. I will have them utilizing the “Free Give Away” to attract their leads. It’s too long to go into here, but it is called “Four Weeks to Your First Online Sale” and then I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The “pitch” is you get your first sale within 28 days (by completing ALL of the training) or contact me within 30 days (and I emphasize a 3-4 day window beyond that for them to contact me)…and if you request a refund I will offer it with no questions asked and they can keep the training.

    I figure this membership model will be “quick” (four weeks) so it will hold their attention. The training is quality, fast paced (especially the first week because I go through getting a domain, website hosting (pushing Word Press for simplicity), 10×10 matrix, develop 3 pdf products to offer as “Freebies” – and at least one more but preferably two…to offer for sale at $7 each with a one time offer of everything for $10…just to get the “first sale.” It is a lot of information and I’m looking forward to completing the last week of training and autoresponder loading this week. Then “testing” everything to make sure it all works together as planned.

    It’s been an arduous process – but I’m happy with the end product…in my opinion – it looks good. The test will be the responses I receive once launched.

    Blessings everybody!

    Bob Thibodeau

    PS: Sean – I love this new site and the forum!!!

    Rick Smith

    Bob –

    Looks like you’ve been busy since we last chatted. Good on ya!

    Cynthia Leighton


    Good approach…

    Deciding SOMETHING and DOING it matters!

    The market will give you feedback.

    Then you can adjust.



    Bob Thibodeau

    Hey Rick…

    How have you been? Is your site producing results yet?
    Email me at bob@bobthibodeau.com so we can stay in touch!

    Sean Mize

    my advice: don’t worry about not having enough content for more than 2 months – fill out the first 2 months, ask members what they want to learn – and you’ll have 2 more months of ideas –

    and then in 2 months, you’ll have 2 months more

    sometimes I don’t even know what I’m teaching next week – after over 1000 hours of live training – and yet each week I still come up with something new –



    Trevor Dumbleton

    Definitely what Sean said – I get content from emails received, forums, Facebook and elsewhere.

    Ideas are everywhere you look, often hiding in plain sight.

    Sean Mize

    the more you get into your niche, the more ideas you’ll get – Trevor is spot on!


    Bob Thibodeau

    Just to let everyone know…I launched tonight!

    I am taking a two tiered approach to the the list building and driving traffic…

    Back about 3 months before I came across Sean’s training…I put $100 on account with a Solo Ad provider…as I was going to go down the road of CPA. But then Sean’s training refocused my efforts on my own business model…so I held off. I left the money on account for “when the time was right.” That money was still there…ready to go. So I figured on I would go ahead and use the Solo Ad’s since I had already paid that money over a year or so ago…

    I will be using a “Give Away” event to drive other traffic. I will wait one week to see how the Solo Ad stats come out…then I will be purchasing my own “Give Away” event so I receive all the emails…last time I did this, I had over 1000 subscribers…but only 52 actually responded to any emails I sent…and that list has gone “cold” as I stopped “marketing” until tonight…as I “officially” launched the business model and “off we go!”

    “Four Weeks to Your First Online Sale” is the business model for this effort. Helping the Newbie’s avoid the costly mistakes I made when I started. I offer a 30 day money back guaranteed if they do not make their first sale in the 28 days…let’s see how that concept works out…but I figure if they follow the teachings (many of them from Sean’s teachings, like the 10×10 matrix, etc.) even if they do not get the first sale, many may not ask for the refund. I priced it at $27 with no OTO. I’m trying to establish the “relationship” aspect and I did not want to think “Oh, here we go into a sales funnel…” There are a few affiliate offers inside (for website hosting, autoresponder, etc) but I emphasize they are free to use whoever they want…”but these are the company I use.”

    I’ve been taking it slow – on purpose…but now, the time is at hand and, in the words of Jackie Gleason, “Away we go…!”

    You can click the link to read the sales page…I’m going to work on a special link that will allow anyone on this forum to access the “inside” of the training…so you can look around if you want and give me any input and advice…(Lord knows I need all the help I can get)!

    I want to THANK YOU, SEAN…it’s been a long process to reshape my thinking and rework my website into something that I can now be “proud of” (that’s a bad word…more like…”happy with”)…but you know what I mean.

    My goal is, once the go through this training…offer them “continuing Membership training.” SO now I go to work on that aspect as well…in addition to the weekly calls for this training…where I get to find out “what can I HELP you with?”

    Good Night folks! I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going!

    Bob Thibodeau

    Rick Smith

    Bob –

    Good on ya, man! You might want to start an accountability thread in the accountability forum so you can post your progress and we can cheer you on. 🙂

    Sean Mize


    great progress! kudos to you for focusing on the relationship instead of a deep funnel . . .you’ll be better off in the long run

    sounds like a great training you have created!


    Bob Thibodeau

    Thanks, Rick! As for the “accountability thread” – DONE!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sean!

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