Having a Plan

by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    I just got off your faith-based coaching call. It really hit home.

    I have been spending the entire day thinking about the fact that I don’t really have a plan. However, I think after the call, I really do. The more I think about it, the better I see very clearly, the image in my head of exactly what I want. Unfortunately, it was never supposed to be me doing all the work.

    Strangely enough, I am not a technophobe! I live for some of this, but when I do some tasks, I find myself spending hours researching the answer for what takes only a few seconds to perform.

    A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s website was obliterated by hackers. I backed up his site, cleaned up the hacker and it’s trojans scattered throughout the site, put it back up, set up a protection plugin and configured it so when the hackers returned to crash it again, they were black-listed! I can successfully do all that and yet fumble over the most basic little things.

    So, my issue really isn’t with my “plan” but with my “execution” of the plan. It may be useful for me to lay it out in writing so I have a checklist. That will keep me on-track with what’s next, but I do have a plan. I just need to find a way to get it executed.

    I really need a VA or two or three… But right now, even one would be useful if I could afford him/her.

    I guess I’ll spend the rest of my business work time laying out a written outline of my plan.

    Sean Mize


    so what can you do to get yourself to implement as well for YOU as for your friend?


    Buck McDaniel

    I had a very busy, time-consuming week this week. I worked almost as many hours as I get in 2 weeks in 3 days.
    Friday evening, I reviewed my criteria and plan, wrote up a quick and dirty business plan with priorities in order that will help me accomplish my goals.
    Saturday, I setup a new website (replacing the lame name ThePLRExpress) with an expired domain name that sounds better:
    CuttingEdgePLR.com. Yesterday, I set it up, connected it to PayPal, connected it to GetResponse and uploaded 60+ PLR Article Packs for sale!
    The site needs work, but it’s working!
    I am about 3 days ahead of schedule right now.

    Mark Rhodes

    CuttingEdgePLR.com sounds better to me, too. I’m pretty sure some of the big PLR sites do well. Looking forward to your success in this.


    Buck McDaniel

    Thank you, Mark and Sean.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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