Hello and Should I Create a Product or List First

by Kevin Stanley
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    Kevin Stanley


    I joined this morning and I am really excited to be here. I have tried a few online things in the past and the furthest I ever got was writing 80% of a book on how to beat procrastination (which seems ironic I guess).

    I’m really productive in my day job (software developer) and the topic of time management not only interests me but it covers so many potential problems and solutions it seems like a good one to focus in on.

    In my mind I will end up with a series of entry level products (self help style reports) then a more structure course and finally a coaching program to give the final layer. I’m currently not sure whether to niche this down to be productivity for office workers or something like that given that’s my experience.

    I am starting from scratch really so I guess my question here is whether I should create an initial first product to sell or instead just build a list on the general theme and then look to create products based on what that list wants. In the latter case would it be beneficial to promote an affiliate product in order to get the list used to being sold to?

    I will of course get an accountability thread going and put all of my answers to the exercises in there but I wanted to ask that particular question (as it’s one I’ve wondered about before) and say hello at the same time.


    Sean Mize


    there is no right way to do this – the bottom line is, you need all 3 components to have a real business: a product, a list, and a daily email

    and until you have all 3, you have nothing

    so it doesn’t really matter which you do first, do the one that makes the most sense for you

    however, one thing I have found is that if folks start with a product before they start building a list, they take a year or so to create the product, then they still don’t have a list to sell it to.

    So if you start with the list, you can send a daily email, teach them something new each day, roll what you teach in the email into the product so you create it faster, and you can send 1-2 affiliate emails per week ONLY if they are great products AND you are sending the daily content emails to build trust and relationship


    Kevin Stanley

    Thanks Sean – I listened to back ground training (2.4) on my drive in this morning and that gave me a clear path of creating a product a week and building the emails around that like you say.

    I have a question about the type of offer to place on a squeeze page but I will raise that as a separate question.


    Buck McDaniel

    Kevin, Sean is right, I spent two years building rrplr.com and have no list. Well, one friend of mine who gets what he wants for free. LOL.

    Now I need the list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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