Hide Controls and Auto Play on Video Sales Letter?

by Rick Smith
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    Trevor Dumbleton

    For me, it depends on the context of the page – I’m used to autoplay on video sales letters & squeeze pages and JV pages – doesn’t mean I don’t hit pause or mute but I think it’s acceptable on those kind of pages. Not tested many of those so don’t know whether it helps or hinders response but my guess is it helps.

    On a regular page, I’d say no. It’s one of the reasons I use an adblocker so I can go to sites or wherever without being bombarded with autoplay adverts.


    Rick Smith

    Trevor –

    Similar to my thinking. Thanks.


    Sean Mize


    it depends

    I usually like autoplay for a sales letter so they definitely hear it.

    but if it’s training or it’s a sales message I want someone to read some first, then I will ask them to click

    re: hide controls –

    the correct answer would be to split test it 🙂

    but do what you like . . do you personally like to be able to pause, etc?

    or do you like to be forced to listen to the whole thing as it goes?

    I think the anecedotal testing used to indicate that hiding controls resulted in higher conversions, but without testing it in today’s market, I’m not sure that holds true today



    Rick Smith

    Sean –

    I promise I’ll split test. But first I just want to get the initial site done. I’m going with hidden controls and auto play for version 1.0.


    Cynthia Leighton


    Hidden controls and autoplay for sales letter in version 1.0 makes sense! Best wishes as you get closer and closer to member launch 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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