How does your sales funnel look like?

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    Hi Carsten here.

    Love the training and the community, and I hope I will learn a lot through the training, and the tips provided in the forum.

    I have a question about how a good funnel should look like.

    I´m not to found of a low ticket FRon End like $5-$10, but I´ve gone through the training and saw, that a $10 would be a good idea for the frondt end price. I would price it higher. How about you?

    Best Regards


    Trevor Dumbleton

    Lots of different ideas on sales funnels, all of them correct if they’re working for you.

    Standard model is optin => freebie => low ticket => higher ticket.

    Reverse squeeze page model is a variant on the optin side of things, Sean has some training on the main membership page.

    Some people like to skip the low ticket and go straight from optin to high ticket – webinars often follow this technique and go straight for the $297 or $997 or higher sale.

    Cars do the same: test drive => buy the car.

    As always, testing will give a better answer for what works with you and how you approach your market.


    Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I think I´ll start with a low ticket product first.

    Sean Mize


    $20 is a great price for a low ticket front end, as well



    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the answer.


    Mike Martel

    This seems a bit counter to what you are teaching in the Expert Positioned Business module. What about having the coaching on the front end?


    Sean Mize


    yes, you can have a high ticket training on the front end -it’s simply a different model.

    There are so many models, it’s impossible to say “this model is perfect” – it’s more like “this model fits you” or “this model fits me”

    The higher ticket model is for generating higher revenue and leads to coaching, but isn’t right for many people because they don’t have the experience to create and sell $1000 training.

    Another model that works well is a $97 front end, a $30 – $40 a month membership, and coaching – and you can layer higher ticket on top of that.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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