How fast can I install a sales funnel from a PLR product? – Put to the test!

by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    Wednesday, a new product was released by one of my PLR subscription services, Facebook Ads 2.0 Made Easy Business in a Box.

    I decided that this would be a great product to learn how to set up a full sales funnel with either JVZoo or Warrior Plus. So, I set myself a challenge.

    Starting at noon, my goal was to download the product and install the entire sales funnel before the end of day. Not to convert the product to a new name, etc, but to set it up as-is with the minimal changes needed.

    Looking at both JVZoo and W+, W+ looked more straight forward and easier to set up, so I chose it. Things really aren’t what they appear to be.

    My goal was to set up the product as-is, rather than customize it, so I didn’t change the graphics or rewrite the material. My primary goal was to learn setting up the sales funnel.

    I started my goal at noon, when I started the download process… which took about an hour.

    What a learning curve! Editing the documents was pretty tough to begin with. It wasn’t so much of the editing except the layout was not designed by a person who knows a word processor. For example, carriage returns were used for spacing the paragraphs, pages and images. Images were attached as characters and the table of contents was hand created.

    My first change, adding a give-away rights page to the freebie, knocked the entire document out of whack. So, I added the task of converting the document to word-processing style with Headings for the chapters and subtopics, and page breaks automated before each heading1. The Table of Contents was then auto-created by the document.

    After making the changes, correcting the layout, etc. I converted the document to PDF and moved to the next. I am glad I saved the largest one for last. The first three took over an hour each, with the first one taking over 4 hours. The last one, and the largest one, took less than 30 minutes.

    Finally, I zipped everything up and went to edit the download page. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it had about 85 download links! That’s a lot of files. Not only that, but 25 of them were for the pdf of each individual chapter of the product! All the chapters were in one PDF and I kept it that way.

    NOPE! I created my own download page. That was for the final upsell part of the package. The freebie and the first upsell were small enough to upload to W+.

    I failed my goal of getting the product listed the same day but I had a freebie I could set up. So, I began the simple task of setting it up in W+.

    It turns out that there is a lot more to setting up a product in W+ than meets they eye. First, you have to set up a “product” and then set up an “offer”. If you choose the offer first, which, by the way is the first link, then, you waste all the time entering in the data until you reach the bottom and need to connect a product, which doesn’t exist yet.

    So, you follow a very similar screen setting up the product, but it has other blanks to fill in, too. Just linking it to GetResponse was an interesting learning curve. I tried watching some of their videos in their support area. Well, I’m afraid that those videos are among dinosaur bones! a little obsolete, if you ask me. Thankfully, they have a support ticket system and someone does get back in an hour or so by email.

    Well, I managed to get the freebie installed on Thursday, a day late, but I had something up, or so I thought. I received a notice that it was rejected because it was free and I had nothing for sale. I could leave it there and link directly, but no affiliate links and no market place exposure. — Lesson learned!

    So, I continued setting up the rest of the funnel. I discovered some mistakes and had to repeat my work periodically, but I did finally get the sales funnel completed, today, this Sunday. I am now awaiting approval for the funnel so it will show in the marketplace and I can use affiliates.

    I failed to get my sales funnel installed the same day. But I didn’t fail myself. I did get the entire funnel up. It was a great learning experience and I’ll be faster the next time. Without that experience, I would not know how I can plan my strategies, so now I can better plan my next install.

    I did a test run, set the prices down to $.50 and followed the entire funnel and purchased. Everything worked well except for the autoresponder picking up the buyer for the last upsell. I now have that fixed.

    I did change the name in W+ so I can edit the product and convert it to a unique item later if I like.

    You can check it out at

    This is the kind of thing one would prefer to outsource. But for the beginners, I hope you understand that this business is a job. It is work until you get good at it.

    My daughter is a great violin player for her age, but she practices everyday. I watch Hawaii 5-0 and see the surfers there. Even the best wipe out occasionally. They have to practice.

    This business is no different. You have to learn the ropes, you have to put them to practice, and you have to wipe out occasionally. But, to succeed, you have to stick to it even when you get bogged down.

    Keep plugging at it! You will eventually get there.

    Rick Smith

    Buck –

    Great case study.

    Mark Rhodes

    Thanks, Buck. Very encouraging that you didn’t let the problems stop you.


    Sean Mize

    Great example of just taking action and making it happen!



    Buck I really enjoyed reading through your experiences. Your case study proves that sometimes the best thing is just to get on with it.

    Thank you for sharing


    Sean Mize

    Buck (and everyone)

    the thing is, any time you do something the first time it takes 5x – 10x as long as if you’ve done it 50 times.

    it takes me about an hour to completely route a full sales funnel, with multiple OTOs, all payment buttons, optin forms, everything – but it used to take 2 days.

    And when you do the same thing 20 times, you have to search for the right button, your fingers just know where to go on the keyboard –

    Rick Smith

    Sean –

    I can definitely attest to the truth of this fact. It took me forever to create the mind map for lesson 1 on my membership site. (I didn’t use a mind map for the intro lesson.) The second mind map took less time. I suspect the third (and subsequent) mind maps will take less time.

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