How much commission should I pay?

by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    I have my second PLR site set up. I was starting to set up my first product on JVZoo.
    The only products I have to sell there at the moment are a few article packs of 5, 7 or 10 articles each pack. Each pack will sell for $1 per article. So the biggest pack I’ll have for now is $10.

    I am struggling with how to set the commissions. Since I have no upsells, if I make it 100%, I’ll not see any money, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ll build my list for the PayPal fees.

    I am not expecting the big guns to sell me their list for $5! But I am hoping for some traffic.

    I am totally treading water in uncharted territory. Any advice is welcome.

    Thank you.


    Dejan Cerv


    I’ve bought many PLR products in the past through JVZoo and most of them had at least 2 upsells.
    Product owners usually pay 100% commission for the front end offer, 50% for the OTO and 30% for the back end offer or high ticket offer.

    Here’s one example:

    Free pdf report (lead magnet)>>>E-book (front-end; 100% commission)>>>Video training (OTO; 50% commission)>>>Pack of products (back-end; 30%-50% commission)>>>Offering service (high ticket: 30% commissions)

    Maybe you can model Tiffany Lambert’s affiliate program. Not sure what here affiliate program looks like, but I saw her selling 5 (400-500 words) articles for $5. And she has many PLR articles on JVZoo…Just google for her and I’m sure you will get some good ideas.

    Sean Mize

    I agree with Dejan . . 100% on the front end, then 50-75% on the backend

    they have to have a good reason to “sell you their buyers’ list”!

    and you now have a buyer on your list . . .for free –

    cause if you mailed to their list they might charge $1 a click (or $3 a sub)

    but instead when you make commission on the backend you get PAID for building your list!


    Ley Gal

    HI Buck

    What niche are the articles you are selling?

    Buck McDaniel

    Ok, sorry, I didn’t answer sooner, I have been very busy.

    I finally posted all my article packs on There’s about 60 of them there right now.

    Sean Mize

    great looking work! are those original articles?

    is that wordpress powering the site?


    Buck McDaniel

    Most of the articles are resell articles from a subscription from Alice Seba and company.

    Yes, that’s ProfitBuilder them and plugin on WordPress with WooCommerce. I am working on getting all original articles. The Lord’s blessed me with a prosperous couple of weeks so Wednesday, my check should be 50-100% larger than normal. I can use it to pay article writers.

    I acquired a writing training course where the author said I can use it to train my VA writers. I hope to start using it next week, if not this week.

    I also got wind of a promotion coming up where I can take advantage of it and get a lot of exposure to my site.

    Things are looking up from last week.

    Sean Mize

    hint: only hire writers for 3-5 articles or less for their first batch, and check them good for plagiarism


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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