How to build a Membership site.

by Bud Evans
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    Bud Evans

    What is the best way to build a membership site? Any information would be helpful.

    Buck McDaniel

    I am working on that myself. Actually, “easiest” is to spend bunches of money on someone with experience setting the site up for you. But for me, without bunches of money, I have been looking myself.

    Here are some free ones. 7 Top Free Memebership Site Options

    “Membership” also depends on what mode you are operating in. Are you drip-feeding, Group teaching, or live (just access to the site at any time?)

    One possibility is that you create a subscription with PayPal. Email the monthly password to all subscribers and unsubscribe those who didn’t pay for the month.

    Sean Mize


    It’s actually pretty easy to set up a membership using a wordpress plugin like wishlist or memberpress

    once you install it, you simply “protect” whichever blog posts you only want members to see.

    It’s really easy, and you don’t need to have someone do it for you – in fact, even if someone were to come to me with a million dollars to spend building their business, I would want them to take the time to build their own membership so they know exactly how it works.


    Bud Evans

    Thanks Sean,

    I will see if those are in my plugins. I think I recall someone else that has used these plugins.

    Bud Evans

    To all here is a free membership plug in from wordpress that looks like it will do any thing you want. Here is the link.

    Simple Membership Documentation

    Mark Rhodes

    Bud (and anybody else),

    I’ll be using for my paid courses and bundled courses (memberships). They have impressed me to the nth degree.

    Note: In my opinion, Teachable is teacher centric. The competition is not so much.

    I’m not sure if I would protect any of my WordPress content at this point. Give away as much as possible. Not counting a store probably, but that does not require membership software.


    Katherine Logan

    I’m planning to use OptimizeMember as my membership script. It comes with OptimizePress, which lets you design landing/aqueeze pages, launches and membership (which is where OptimizeMember comes in. I got it about a couple of years ago when it came out. Here’s their website: Once I get everything together and organized, I hope to have a membership section called Victory Institute that would teach members how to overcome the issues that get in the way of victory and a victorious lifestyle. For me, that means it goes beyond material success, but that we evolve beyond what we are now to what we can become. I want my members to not just work with me, but with each other. My slogan is “Together, we can achieve the victory lifestyle”

    Sean Mize

    Mark, Katherine, great ideas 🙂

    next key: just do it


    Sharon Bechtold

    I purchased Paid Memberships Pro last year and it worked great. Now they have upgraded it and are only protecting posts instead of pages. Their support is only for Premium members so I’m left guessing how to do this stuff. The site looks pathetic and they are recommending their paid theme to make it look decent. I paid the annual $97 last month (remembering how easy it was to use before) but now I’m wondering if I should cut my losses and go to an easier to use platform.

    I am willing to pay for a good platform so I’m not locked into the FREE model. I tried out ClickFunnels which is super super sweet – but also extremely pricey.

    Sean and anyone else – any suggestions? The $220+ price tag per month for Clickfunnels is too much for me (I don’t have any subscribers yet) Please only suggest stuff you guys have personal experience with.

    Sharon Bechtold

    FYI, I did read this whole thread but I am confused with all the various add-ons for some of these options. Which one am I supposed to use ? Do I need to have a whole bunch of them?

    thanks guys 🙂

    Buck McDaniel

    Hi, Sharon, I haven’t chosen one yet, but depending on what you really want to do, you probably only need one membership site plugin.

    I can see you want to protect pages and articles. I think just about any of them, including the freebies, will give you “levels” that you can choose. On one I checked, instead of the levels “increasing” they were independent. That would be good for several different memberships similar to what I want to do.

    One “level” could be labeled “weight loss” and another “Chicken Farming” and I could have two different subscriptions. Or the person could choose both.

    Most people use levels, and that’s probably your style. A free membership allows some content to be displayed to freebies, and the more they pay, the more content is exposed to your members.

    So it’s really pretty versatile, it just doesn’t link to JVZoo like I want, LOL.

    You’ll really have to just read them and see what features they have at what cost. Then, use the one that fits your needs.

    I hope that helps, at least a little.

    Michael Fargarson

    I’ve used membersonic on a couple of sites and it seems to be pretty good. It has a lot of payment options, a nice dashboard, and integration with most popular autoresponders. It currently sells for $97 and is definitely worth it.

    Sean Mize

    Sharon, what are you wanting your membership to do? clickfunnels isn’t really membership software, although it has that feature – you are paying for much more than just membership software with that


    Sharon Bechtold

    Hi Sean,

    I like the ease of use that Clickfunnels has. The drop and drag interface. I will be doing lots of videos and pdf downloads. Because my business is visual and demonstration based I need to be able to keep everything looking nice.

    Here is what I need

    Upload and view Videos – multiple for each section
    Instructional text
    PDF downloads – multiple for each section
    Drip fed content
    Forum would be nice but will probably just do a private FB group as I find them easier to manage (did this with my last program and it worked well)

    I want it to be easy to use for me. I have enough tech stuff in creating the videos and instruction, I don’t need to be struggling with my membership platform.

    This frustration has kept me from moving forward with the membership site. I finally decided to simply invest in the Clickfunnels basic tool and build the membership on there. I’ve used it before and like the ease. You are right that it is not a membership site and I’m concerned that it will bite me in the butt sometime in the future.

    However, I am also not moving forward right now.

    Soooo I need to make a decision.

    I’m still at a point where I haven’t invested too much time (or money). I can still course correct.

    Reviewing Wishlist member as a possibility. I had bad dreams last night about Clickfunnels going POOF with all my content.


    Thanks 🙂

    Bud Evans

    I found that I have a copy instamember that I purchased but never used. Can anyone tell me about this wp plugin?

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