How to build a Membership site.

by Bud Evans
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    Bud Evans

    I realize that this is a very open subject.
    What is the easiest or best way to build a membership site?

    Buck McDaniel

    I am working on that myself. Actually, “easiest” is to spend bunches of money on someone with experience setting the site up for you. But for me, without bunches of money, I have been looking myself.

    Here are some free ones. 7 Top Free Memebership Site Options

    “Membership” also depends on what mode you are operating in. Are you drip-feeding, Group teaching, or live (just access to the site at any time?)

    One possibility is that you create a subscription with PayPal. Email the monthly password to all subscribers and unsubscribe those who didn’t pay for the month.

    Sean Mize

    Bud, I need your help . . .I answered your question in the other thread where you posted it:

    The only thing I ask is to just ask one question once to make answering everyone’s questions easier for me!



    Bud Evans

    Thanks Sean,

    Will do. For anyone that needs this info there is a link to a good looking free word press plugin on the other page.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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