How To Do Facebook Live?

by Keye Wu Wu
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    Keye Wu Wu

    With reference to Sean’s training yesterday and his question about my traffic source, I had some urge to do Facebook Live in my PERSONAL account.

    Guys, I have been scared to share with what I’m trying to do online in the past 2 years because I always think I wasn’t successful yet. And I am scared of the judgement people may have on me.

    But Sean yesterday talked about the idea that “if your friends laugh at your sharing in facebook, they aren’t your friends.”. So now I feel like I want to be do some Facebook Live Training + Q&A in my personal FB account and see who resonates with me. Do anyone have quick tips on FB Live? Should I do it on a PAGE or my personal account, or both?

    My purpose of that:
    – I want to inspire people to live their truth and bring their messages/expertise/help out to the world. But I also want to be totally transaprent telling people that I have NOT succeeded yet, but would invite people to witness my journey so they can see the TRUTH about online success.

    – I will talk about really the topics I am massively interested in: success, mindset, productivity, energy management, masculinity, vulnerability, life purpose. Really want to open up and attract the right people to me.

    This FB move will make me EXTREMELY VULNERABLE and really putting myself out there, with accountability + motivation to continue working on this. If things go well, I will even move to my personal Instagram account.

    (Side note I am having exposure in Ezinearticles, Addicted2Success (A2S), YouTube. A2S is where I got my first doezen of subscribers. But I think I need to use tracking links to know exactly where they are coming from?)

    Thanks a lot guys,

    Rick Smith

    Keye –

    I say go for it! I haven’t yet used FB Live (but I may include it in my marketing mix).

    Keye Wu Wu

    Thanks for the encouragement Rick!


    I have chatted with a couple of friends about my plan. And here’s my decision.

    Because I don’t post that much in my personal FB account, it will be quite a SHOCK if I suddenly do FB LIVE. So I will take these 2-3 months to start posting articles, videos there and slowly shape people’s mind that I talk about self-development stuff. Then I will start doing FB LIVE. ?

    Keye Wu Wu

    Sean do you have any tips?

    Bob Thibodeau

    Pok Wu, you sound like you are in the same predicament that I’m in. I’ve faced so much “negativity” with others (“well meaning” friends and family) – if I posted on my personal FB page about launching this business…I would receive immediate “interrogations” about “why” and “don’t you know that everyone fails at that…? and other types of negative things. I know as I tediously make my way through this business with Sean’s guidance, eventually it will turn out “right.” But if it did not happen, basically, overnight for some of the “friends and family” – then I would be continually ridiculed, mocked and questioned.

    I have made the tactical decision to just “go it alone” for right now…this group is my “family” right now. I receive the support, feedback and encouragement that I would NEVER receive at this point in my business from “friends and family.”

    I’m also “slowly opening the door” by posting some encouraging “shares” on FB concerning these things…but far from going public at this point in time…at least on my personal page.

    I have started a FB page with a different email and using “Bob” instead of “Robert” – and I am posting and commenting with other marketers on that page. I am receiving positive feedback and support from those on that other page. Perhaps you might want to begin that process of establishing yourself with another FB account and different email. Continue to “leak” tidbits of information on your personal page as well.

    Over the next few months…who knows, we both may be in a position of going “public” on our personal FB pages and announcing, “This is what I have been working on!” AND be able to show results!

    Keep at it, you will do great! If you feel that you will not receive the positive vibes by going public on your personal account – I, for one, would recommend you NOT do so until the business is viable. BUT – FB is a great way of communicating with other marketers and getting word out about your business…so I DO RECOMMEND at least thinking about the “other account.” (NOTE: Not a “page” on your personal account…because those who will be giving you negative vibes will be able to “see” that page – I’m talking about a completely new FB account).



    Keye Wu Wu

    Hey Bob!

    Thanks for your insightful sharing! Yes I absolutely agree that we need to do it STRATEGICALLY and slowly implant seeds on our personal account about what we’re doing.

    It’s too emotionally risky when you suddenly tell literally EVERYONE what you’re trying to do and allow the closest ones judge you with unsolicited advice!

    I do have another FB account created 1.5 years ago, unfortunately it’s the same name as my personal one. But I’ll see what I can do about that.

    So yeah man, let’s take a few months to slowly build things up, to the point we are confident and proud to show more of our work to people around us! Good luck and work hard together πŸ™‚


    Sean Mize

    Keye and everyone:

    I do not suggest using your personal account to run a business video . . .

    I suggest you create a facebook business page . . .and if you want, you can tell the folks on your personal page about it, and they can go to your business page to see it . . .

    It’s not about being in-your-face about what you are doing, but inviting folks from your personal account to your business . . .but I recommend keeping the 2 separate


    Rick Smith

    Sean –

    I’m an absolute neophyte when it comes to FB. I have an FB account that I share with my wife. It uses her email address. I rarely access that account. I have another FB account tied to my email address. That email address is the one I use for “business” though I do get some personal emails there. When I created that FB account I didn’t tell it to create a “business page.” I simply created the account. So some questions.

    1. Do they allow one person to have multiple FB accounts? I do have a different email address I can use for it. Actually, that raises another question.

    2. Should I have separate FB accounts for each website? For example, I’m getting fairly close to launching But I also own Should I create separate FB accounts for those sites? Or should I have one overall FB account for my business?

    Rick Smith

    Follow up question. Do I have to tell FB that an account (or is it the page) is a business account or page? Might be time to dig out my Perry Marshall book on this topic.

    Bob Thibodeau

    Rick, from what I understand, FB only allows you to have one account (they prefer you only have one email as well)…BUT, you can create an new account with a different email, just use a different name. For example, I have a personal account under “Robert Thibodeau” and an account for my online business under “Bob Thibodeau.” Each account uses a different email address – so as far as FB is concerned, it’s two different people.

    Part Two: You can create a business page on your Personal account – even if it is in your wife’s name. Use your business name for the new page. The “problem” with this is that any business posts to that page could be viewed by your wife’s friends, etc. AND THEN, if they “Liked” your page, their posts will appear on your business page (which could be bad if they post things inconsistent with your business page “theme”).

    My recommendation is to create a new account under a different email and use it ONLY for business. I do not accept any of FB recommendations for “Friends” to this account because most of them are, in some way down through the electrons of FB, connected to my other account. All it will take is one or two to suddenly create an unstoppable juggernaut of posts between the two pages – and I do not want that on my business page.

    Hope that helps.

    Rick Smith

    Bob –

    Thanks. Clipped to Evernote for later consumption.

    Kristen Burgess

    I do Facebook Live for my niche site πŸ˜€ You can have multiple business pages tied to your Facebook account. I actually enjoy the Facebook Live videos and I do them with my phone and my husband’s phone at the same time so one video goes to Facebook Live and one goes to Youtube Live because I have clients that like each platform πŸ˜€

    What I have found with Facebook Live is that even if you do not get a lot of views immediately they build over time. I always put in a call to action, in the video, and also link to it on the video posts/comments after. You can also embed videos on your website (I usually embed the Youtube Live version so not sure about the Facebook) – but they can be added to your related content.

    I think that doing these live videos is nice because it builds a connection with your audience in a really personal way – big advantage over larger brands.

    You can start your Facebook page and Facebook makes it easy to invite your friends to like it – so those who are interested will follow it πŸ˜€

    Keye Wu Wu

    Got it Sean, I agree that using a business page is a better way. FB friends who are interested will join there and see me “talk” haha!

    Keye Wu Wu

    Great advice Kristen, are you happy to share your FB page? Would love to have a look thanks πŸ™‚

    Kristen Burgess

    Here’s the business page Pok: Also, here is the Youtube channel, so you see the live videos’ replays there, too:

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