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by Buck McDaniel
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    Buck McDaniel

    I am asking on behalf of Christian Business Ethics.

    I created a request of Fiverr with specific details of what I wanted including a picture diagram for my website logo, a favicon, and the PSD file for it.

    Only one person said she had read the details and could do what I asked for $25 and have it to me in 24 hours. I agreed, put the money in the account and started the process.

    Close to the end of the 24 hours, she submitted the product, but it was not what I had detailed. It resembled it loosely, but not what I asked for. So, I requested she make it like the picture. Two days later, she submitted 4 versions of the banner with two of them the wrong design and the other two with PLR spelled PRL, and she included the PSD. She also included a Favicon, but instead of being “Square” it was long like a horizontal banner.

    So, instead of waiting, I accepted the offer, released the $25 to pay her, and edited the graphics myself and put them on my site.

    I left 3-star feedback explaining that we had to go back and forth several times to get it correct and it was still misspelled, but that I edited it myself.

    She sent another message asking if she could refund and offer a lower price so the bad feedback would be removed.

    I told her she could keep the money as I was using the graphic.

    Two weeks later, I go to fiverr to order another logo from someone else. I discovered I had $25 in my account and she had left about 4 or 5 messages asking me if I would remove the bad feedback. It was still there, and she asked me to remove it. I told her I didn’t know how, and that she shouldn’t have refunded. She said she didn’t care about the money if I would remove the feedback.

    I told her I didn’t know how, and she said if I said I would agree that she could have the feedback removed, she could get them to remove it. So, I told her I agree to let her remove the feedback.

    Last night, I went back to fiverr again and she has left four or five messages and offers for me telling me I need to pay for the graphic she created and leave her positive feedback.

    Right now, I am ignoring her. If she didn’t like the 3 star feedback, she really want like the 1-star she deserves.


    I have had this happen, almost precisely the same way with a book cover. Someone promised something in 3 days, made me wait 5 days and then it was not usable work. (It was just a stock image that would put me in violation.)

    IMHO, there are things to be learned (often the hard way) about working on Fiverr:

    1. Do not bother with leaving bad feed back. They will often make it their life’s work to leave so much negative feedback for YOU that nobody will take your jobs. I got so tired of him saying that he was just trying to keep Fiverr clean of “people like me.” (Seriously, that’s how he began every email.)

    2. DO NOT use the material unless you are willing to remove the negative feedback or else he will claim you used HIS materials without him receiving payment.

    3. On any work that you have done, make sure that you secure the rights ahead of time to make changes to their work. (I know it sounds crazy, nut by strict copyright definition, you probably do not!)

    4. Never contract ahead of time for more than the job is supposed to pay. Offer a tip, or a promise of a tip if the work turns out to be successful.

    5. When it comes to things like graphics, be SURE that you are getting 100% original works as opposed to a stock item that has been modified. If not, you can wind up indirectly infringing someone else’s copyright (or worse, trademark).

    6. *** MOST IMPORTANT *** Put EVERY job out to at least two people until you’ve got some go-to people in your stable.


    PS: My advice to you is, remove the negative feedback, dump his graphic, and start again.


    To Sean:

    Just realized… maybe this forum is only for you to answer. If that is the case, accept my apology and delete my reply.


    Buck McDaniel

    Relax, Dave,

    Sean doesn’t mind and I don’t either.

    Sean Mize


    thanks for your help!

    yeah, I guess the big thing to learn is to never release funds until the project is done 🙂

    I’ve lost hundreds in this kind of way, sometimes you have to eat it and move on!


    Buck McDaniel

    Hi, Sean,

    I’m not sure if you read my original post or got distracted by the irrelevant answers that followed. I didn’t lose money on Fiverr.

    What happened was I accepted a project and paid for it so I could edit it and use it right away. It was a rough experience, so I posted 3 star feedback and explained what I went through. The seller didn’t like the feedback and decided to issue a refund I couldn’t refuse in order to get the feedback removed. It didn’t work, so she said she didn’t care for the money if I would allow the feedback to be removed. I agreed and the feedback was removed. Now she is insisting I pay her back and leave good feedback.

    I didn’t know she issued a dispute to refund and didn’t go back to Fiverr until after whatever period that fiverr gives to respond. So, I was refunded by default. She said she didn’t care about the money, then, when the feedback was finally removed, she started demanding payment.

    Sean Mize

    Buck, I get it – it all works together –

    sometimes you just have to go with the flow on these, and if you just make sure the work is right first, then you head off these things –

    don’t let yourself get bogged down in this, you have to move on!

    (I know you are, but feel compelled to reply to your last post in a way that’s meaningful


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