I Am At A Crossroads

by Donna Walsh
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    Donna Walsh

    Well, I just finished another lesson and am now at a crosswords.

    My passion really is Web Development.

    But, I am allergic to the world so i need to avoid chemicals such as those in personal care products and even those added to food.
    So when I went to be tested for allergies and found out the multitude of things I am allergic to, I started making my own personal care items and cleaning products.

    Many of my friends, both in real life as well as on FB, etc. started asking me how to make these products since they are chemical free as well as much cheaper to make than to buy the ready made, chemical laden products. Since so many were interested in what I am doing, I started a blog where I posted tutorials for making them. After awhile, I started adding articles about beauty, health and fitness.

    Well today, I looked at the stats for that blog vs the stats for my web development blog and found out I get many more views to my beauty, health and fitness blog than I do for my IM blog. Like 20 x as many views daily!

    So now I am not sure if I should continue with my passion or change my focus towards beauty, health and fitness. BTW the only money I am currently making from that blog is selling the ingredients to make the products through Amazon which is really not that much every month. But, I have never done anything to promote that blog, created any products such as an e-book of recipes, etc.

    On the other hand, I have made money in the Web Development niche and have several e-books already written in that niche that I have sold online although I currently only have one for sale and it is not really doing that well.

    So, what to do? Keep the beauty blog as a hobby (which is what it is currently) and concentrate on the web development stuff or vice versa?

    Any feedback will be VERY much appreciated!

    Don Sturgill

    You’ve the problem of abundance, Donna. Good for you.

    My experience is my passion won’t be ignored. There are few worse feelings than selling my time out to what seems logical and ignoring what’s calling my name.

    It may be that your health work only needs a couple of hours a day… and that it will tie in to your web dev work.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Interesting – have been thinking much the same in my business. Most of my time/effort goes into the internet marketing side of things but many more views (and a lot easier income) come from self help/personal development. I’m about to shift the time split.

    Web development I think has been hit by WordPress – so much easier than learning HTML & CSS & Dreamweaver.

    There’s a lot of interest here in the UK for “free from” products to eat and use. This chain is big here in the UK.

    I’d check out the online recipe side of things including maybe offering a free ebook as the signup but including links to Amazon products – direct linking is against their terms of service so you’ll need to link to a page on your site.

    Then think about offering ready made versions – higher margin, bigger market. Or investigate white label products.

    And of course leverage Pinterest, etc. Plus videos. Not to mention research and modeling the Hemsleys and others.

    Could be fun!

    Donna Walsh

    Hi Trevor

    I did fail to mention that I do make many of the products for my friends. But I did not charge for them in the past which I need to start doing.

    For example, Magnesium Cream is sold by most who offer it online at $15 for a 4 ounce jar, $25 for an 8 ounce one. The jar is the expensive part at about 80 cents for the smaller and $1.20 for the larger. It costs me about $5 to make a quart of the cream and about an hour of my time. Of course this doesn’t include shipping and handling charges as I have never sold it online.

    As far as web development, I actually meant website development including things such as SEO, traffic generation, etc. so I am not into the actual development of any platform to use to build a web site.

    Donna Walsh


    I spend less than an hour a day on my beauty blog unless I am adding a new recipe which also includes pics of the steps. That takes a couple of hours.

    The one hour a day I currently spend is just on writing an article and then uploading it to both my blog and my corresponding FB page.

    Rick Smith

    Donna –

    I’m percolating some ideas about this. I can see some possibilities here. I’ll post again when the ideas take more definite shape.

    Donna Walsh

    Thanks Rick.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Donna: web development explanation makes sense – SEO is slow burn nowadays but if you can get clients who understand that & are prepared to pay whilst being patient that’s excellent.

    Could be worth dipping your toe in the water selling one or two products and also videoing the making of them (much like food recipe sites)

    Donna Walsh

    Thanks Trevor

    The problem I see with the product production for my beauty site is I really make them out of necessity when I run out. For example, if I run out of body butter, I make a new batch. I usually make 1/2 gallon at a time so lasts a LONG time, 6 months or so.

    Some products need refrigerated at all times such as coconut milk shampoo and body soap. So that is not something that can be produced and sold. (But it sure does make my hair and skin smell and feel wonderful!)

    I don’t really enjoy making the products so not sure if I would want to produce and sell them. And I am not a herbalist so I don’t really know how to come up with new recipes.

    However, the only way to make any money is by selling the products since the actual cost is low once I have the ingredients. I buy in bulk (25 pounds coconut oil, 5 pounds shea butter, 5 pounds cocoa butter, etc.) so the initial outlay is high but the cost of the individual product is low. I also only buy organic ingredients whenever possible so that also increases the initial cost.

    Currently I promote the ingredients through Amazon so I am only making a few hundred dollars a month in commissions.

    So I am still thinking things over.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    OK, starting to make sense to an outsider 🙂

    If you don’t enjoy making the products then you could always get some local people to batch make them – likely the products that didn’t need refrigeration. Much higher margin selling the finished product.

    Or investigate white label – it’s around a lot in the vitamin/supplement market so I guess it should be around in other areas. That would kill two birds with one stone – the production and the formulae – “only” leaving the promotion. But with things like Instagram and Pinterest coupled with videos and other promotion, who knows, you could be the next big hit and be helping live cleaner, healthier lives.

    Donna Walsh

    I don’t really want to do white label as I want to control what is in the products. And I could never be sure when someone else is producing them. Even a lot of stuff in the health foods section I will not buy for various reasons. For example, I might not like the cans because I am not sure if they are BPA free. And even if they are BPA free, some of the linings they use are even worse! Everything I make, I store in glass containers only.

    I have done a lot of reading and some health food manufacturers do use cans with BPA liners. And I only want products I use to be 100% organic (except for minerals because they can’t be!). Another example: When anything contains water, even if it says filtered, how do I know if things like flouride and arsenic have been filtered out? Most filtering systems do not filter out those 2. I personally use a Berkey system and bought the extra filters to filter out those 2. It is just a 3 gallon gravity filtration system so I use that water for everything I cook and even as the cooking water, drinking and in the personal care products I make. I do have a whole house filtration system which filters out a lot of things but not everything so that is why I bought the Berkey system and use that water for anything I drink or eat.

    So there are a lot of variables.

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Wow – lots more variables than I ever realised.

    I guess you’ve written about the Berkey system and linked to it on Amazon – it’s got a good sales rank and should give a nice commission as well as keeping your readers healthier 🙂

    Donna Walsh

    Yes I have! 🙂

    Rick Smith

    Donna –

    I’m gonna hold off on saying anything until you know what direction you want to go. More variables than I realized as well.

    Donna Walsh

    Yes there are lots of variables.

    I have actually thought about it for 2 days now and this is what I think I will do:

    Mon – Fri work on my IM stuff.
    Sat at 10 am pacific is my workshop which is an hour.
    So from 11:30 until about 6 when we are getting ready to go out, I will work on the beauty stuff.

    Sun I do not work at all since we are usually out very late.

    Then I will see where I am at in 6 months.

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