I'm Done with the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway

by Rick Smith
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    Cynthia Leighton


    Sorry it did not work for you. I encourage you to take whatever squeeze pages you have in May/June and use those (as in duplicate page in Optimize Press and put in the HTML code to track the email/name entry for the giveaway). That way with minimal effort you can enter gifts.

    I’ve only gotten 58 clicks and 34 subscribers myself, so I’m disappointed myself.

    A older friend who signed in for the purpose of finding my gift and telling me about the experience says she gave up after scrolling page after page because of all the offers she had to go through. I’m on page 16 and she just could not find me.

    Another person did sign in and apparently download at least something because I did qualify and not get the about to be downgraded message.



    Trevor Dumbleton

    Sorry to hear that Rick – and not setting the earth on fire for Cynthia or myself either, although my “investment” was just a bit of time.

    Not all adverts work and, essentially, this is an advert albeit one with twists and turns.

    You could have spent $27 on Google or YouTube or Facebook ads and got zero results. The trick is to adjust in future which it sounds like you’ve done.


    Rick Smith

    It’s definitely been a learning experience. I just checked my stats. I originally had 11 subscribers. Only two have unsubscribed. I still have a 75% open rate. I know I’ll have to test much more but I’ve found this to be an interesting learning experience.

    Cynthia –

    I’ll definitely be re-using my squeeze page in May/June. But I’ll also be creating thank you pages specific to the giveaway. I think I’m probably gonna go ahead and take Kathy up on her offer.

    Trevor –

    You’re correct. I could have gotten 0 results with other media.


    Bob Thibodeau

    I agree, the results are not optimal for profitability (as of now). I’ve had 17 subscribers and 2 un-subscribed…so I’m left with 15 still receiving emails…but no sales…I don’t even have any of the taking the upgrade to the FREE 30 day membership. I’m refocusing my efforts into the membership training program for podcasting and online Christian radio. SO if you don’t “hear from me” every day, it’s because I’m devoting time to building the website and building the training program…

    I am still sending out emails to my Info marketing lists…who knows if anything will ever happen…I’m trying though. I’m not writing off all of the work I did in 2016 to build the business website and products for that niche. I’ll continue to create products and try different promotional campaigns, etc. I would LOVE to be able to create an income stream from this niche. So I still going…but 80% of my efforts (I’m estimating here) is in building out the new niche.

    Talk Soon!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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