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by James Craig
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    Sean Mize


    why not go back to the very first lesson. And instead of reading it and the next 80 lessons, just do EXACTLY what it says. Then do the next lesson the same way? You must move from learning to implementation. If you are info-overwhelmed, you know what to do, it’s inside you, the next step is that you have to stop trying to learn EVERYTHING and focus on one thing at a time.



    James Craig

    In general, I find that for each step of the process, there are a number of marketing gurus telling me that I must do that step THEIR particular way or my business will fail. I don’t know which path I should take to complete the first step. Either that, or they say I must do the step MY way, some secret inner “way” within me that I need to “get in touch with,” or I will fail. In that case, I usually don’t have a preference in the matter, or I refuse to create a “vision board” with pictures of fancy cars and boats, so I’m stuck.

    I’m willing, of course, to ignore all gurus but you. And the first step I hear you telling me to take is to “Take out a sheet of paper and write down your Big Goal.” My goal must be “quantifiable and real.” I’ve heard this from other gurus, and it causes overload in me, because I don’t know if my goal is “too big” or “too small,” or “unrealistic,” or whatever.

    My largest imaginable goal is to get every one of the world’s 1.9 billion children to enroll in my homeschooling course so that they know as much as the average colonial American 15-year old about the Bible and the works of Divine Providence in our world. I will charge one penny per child, and those that can’t pay the one-penny tuition will get a scholarship from Bill Gates through my non-profit tax-exempt organization.

    [America’s Founding Fathers said that this educational program was “necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind.”]

    My smallest imaginable goal is to earn enough to pay my rent next month and make minimum payments on my credit cards by getting “enough” clients at the precise profit-maximizing price-point (low enough to minimize the number who cannot afford it or aren’t wiling to pay that much, and high enough to avoid leaving money on the table). I don’t know what that price-point is, or how to determine it.

    [Presently, it is easier for me to market my program to adults who are Victims of Educational Malpractice than to enroll children.]

    It occurs to me at this point that you might think I’m being sarcastic or critical. I’m not. This is the way my goofy mind works.

    At this point I’m tempted to skip the first step (“goal-setting”) and get to the first concrete action step. Would that be a mistake?


    Sean Mize

    Based on watching all of those so-called gurus, included me 🙂 — what do you see as the goal that will allow you to initially fulfill your smallest possible goal?

    what would you teach and get paid for teaching?



    James Craig

    I’m not sure I understand the question.
    Not sure about the meaning of “the goal” as compared with “your smallest possible goal.”

    I could send an email to a few people right now and say “Send me a donation and I’ll start sending you my program.”
    But I’m not sure I can deliver the program under my current circumstances. Not sure I’ll bring in enough money to stay afloat. The future seems so uncertain. I don’t want to promise something I can’t deliver. I guess I could say “Whenever I receive $X I will start delivering,” where “X” is enough to create stability and predictability. Don’t know how much “X” dollars is. (I’m not a competent businessman. I’m looking for someone to tell me what a “businesslike” decision is.)


    Sean Mize

    the online business model is this: teach something and students pay you

    just like you are paying to be here

    So what do you want to teach?



    James Craig

    I want to teach what kids in 1776 were taught. We were deprived of this because the Federal Gov’t banned it from public schools.


    James Craig

    I don’t know if I should make this a separate thread or not, but here are my answers to your questions in lesson 2 of “(2) Blueprint your business”


    Sean Mize


    one of the things that has to happen in order for you to make money is to sell something that folks are willing to pay for.

    And based on some of the things you said in the doc, you aren’t too sure folks will pay to learn that kind of thing.

    You could start with a free site and see what kind of traction you get, but frankly unless people are searching online for some kind of answer about something that you provide an answer for, it’s going to be hard to make this profitable fast.

    Sometimes the important things don’t make money!

    And if making money is a part of what you are trying to do, this might be tough.

    Just based on what I see on your site, that really seems like a topic that is going to be hard to “sell”

    You will probably have to build a followership and then you can see what folks are willing to pay for.



    Buck McDaniel

    My largest imaginable goal is to get every one of the world’s 1.9 billion children to enroll in my homeschooling course so that they know as much as the average colonial American 15-year old about the Bible and the works of Divine Providence in our world. I will charge one penny per child, and those that can’t pay the one-penny tuition will get a scholarship from Bill Gates through my non-profit tax-exempt organization.

    I know this is a late post to an older thread, but I might can help a bit. Christian Missionary, Frank Labauch found himself in a similar situation in the Philippines. He faced a completely uneducated civilization. He started one-on-one and used the concept of “Each one – Teach one.” This was how he worked. By the time I became involved in his teachings, I learned that his teaching had spread to millions of people world-wide.
    In effect, I am using his approach to help those around me learn to help themselves by helping training them to create products. I buy some of those products and teach them how to sell their products to others as well.
    While your goal is to reach children, but you have more adult students, then, you can use this approach in your goals. If you can just teach each adult to teach others, and to teach their own kids, then, your results will pass on from generation to generation and across the globe.

    From one man trying to teach one Philippine English, I learned to teach adults to read nearly 75 years later… half way around the world.


    James Craig

    Thanks for your comments, Buck. My mother was a certified teacher in the Laubach Method, and what I learned from her I used to teach ESL for a few years. My goal is not to teach “the 3 R’s” to either children or adults. My goal is to teach the worldview that made America the most prosperous and admired nation in history. This Christian worldview was originally taught in America’s public schools. The same Congress that approved the wording of the First Amendment said that my curriculum was “necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind.” But this worldview was banned from public schools by the Federal Government in the 20th century.

    My strategy was for each one to teach one (or two, or more) and I would pay them as affiliates for each one they taught.


    Sean Mize

    James, you might be better off at first to create the very best free content on the topic, and add a post a day. Make it relevant and connect it to what people are looking for / need TODAY and then lead them to your site.



    James Craig

    I already have over 2,000 posts or static webpages online.
    But I live in a different world than everyone else, I’m afraid.
    I live in the past and dream about the future, but I don’t know what people are looking for/need TODAY.
    Golf? Weight loss? Make money online? I can’t help anyone with any of this.
    Out of 7 billion human beings on this planet, I still think there must be enough people who might pay me for what I have to offer that I can quit my day job. Now working on this website:
    I realize I’m attempting to sell three things that everyone hates, and nobody wants to buy:

    1. “Pacifism” — oppose violence and follow Jesus and love enemies rather than “bomb them back to the stone age.”
    2. “Anarchism” — oppose all violence — even that committed by people who call themselves “the government.”
    3. “Theocracy” — even governments must be “under God,” the “Lord and Ruler of nations.”

    (Sean: how is it your post is dated April 19, 2016 at 3:25 pm, when it’s not even noon here in Missouri? Is second-hand smoke from all that legalized MJ in Colorado affecting your WordPress code? 🙂


    Buck McDaniel

    If you and Sean don’t mind my interjecting again, I can make a suggestion.

    Now that I understand your perspective, at least in a nutshell, then I see you have the most valuable thing to offer:

    What is it the Bible offers that no other philosophy and religion offers


    This earth is filled with people needing hope. The Hope the Bible teaches is that regardless of our situation or condition, we have Hope in Christ that we can carry on regardless of the circumstances around us. The terrible things I have done, may affect me for the rest of my present life, but not past it! I can offer hope to the vilest of sinners that, indeed, there is real hope in Christ.

    What hope are you offering? What hope do people you want to target want or need? Can you offer something to parents? Can you use it to offer additional instruction for your cause?

    I don’t know who is around you, but I know people around me are consumed with trying to make ends meet. I am working on a plan to help educate them and give them paying jobs. I will use that opportunity to share Christ with them.
    That’s my plan.

    Think about it awhile. What do your target audience have a burning desire for? Show them the answer and they’ll be all ears! (well, at least some.) “One problem, One Solution, One Product” That’s all you need to start your list.

    [ Sorry Sean, I’ll shut up now, but I think he hit my passion bone.]


    Sean Mize

    Buck, great comment!

    James, here’s the thing, if no one wants those topics and won’t pay for them, then that’s not a business. You can do that as a non=profit if you want, and then start something else as a profitable venture.

    Now, I think the Bible Coach idea could be profitable . . .

    notice what these folks are doing

    notice the Bible Gateway plus membership . .

    you might be able to do the same with any of your topics, if there is interest, have a paid level for advanced content – but you will have to build something quite big


    Ley Gal

    Hi Sean

    I want to say thanks for these two sentences that catch my attention

    “You must move from learning to implementation”

    “the next step is that you have to stop trying to learn EVERYTHING
    and focus on one thing at a time.”

    These alone will help me a lot


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