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by John Antaya Antaya
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    Donna Walsh

    Hi John

    Welcome! Glad you have joined us.



    Rick Smith

    John –

    Welcome! Like you, I’ve learned that the next BSO doesn’t hold the key to my success. I’ve also learned that if I implement only part of what Sean suggests I’ll be able to proceed farther than I ever have. The more I implement the better I’ll do. I’m living proof of that.


    Cynthia Leighton


    Welcome! I’m taking it one slow step at a time.



    John Antaya Antaya

    Yesterday I reviewed
    Day 9 – Entrepreneurial Action – Advanced and even typed it out. Now I have to admit that this particular lesson was a real eye opener for anyone who would like to be succeed as an entrepreneur. When Sean said that this was going to be a crash course where you needed to push yourself, well! he was right but I have a smile on my face and raring to go.

    “Always Striving To Help Others”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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