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    Julia Stueber

    I didn’t life stop me this week and set up my first steps for my celiac disease coaching practice. The website had been up and running for some while now. I translated one of my most shared articles from my German website into English (http://eatingwithfeeling.com/7-reasons-why-a-proper-diagnosis-of-celiac-disease-is-so-important) and now have a Quuu promotion running for that – it is a left over from another project and I thought I could put it to good use instead of loosing my credits there.
    That’s what I did this week:
    – Created a check list about cross contamination as a freebie
    – Created a second freebie (printable gluten free labels)
    – Created a squeeze page for the check list (http://eatingwithfeeling.com/cross-contamination-check-list)
    – Created a video about cross contamination and uploaded it to my new youtube channel, which points back to the checklist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq3-glXp93U)
    – Set up the autoresponder in Sean’s described way
    – Wrote 5 emails for the autoresponder and put them in
    Nothing is set up perfectly (but it is technically working), I keep doubting my English and I need to work on the squeeze page as my wordpress theme doesn’t offer blank pages – but it is set up. Tiny steps for my big goal…

    Next to do’s are
    – Setting up my landing page for my coaching offer
    – Writing daily content for my newsletter
    – Getting the concept for a training (What to do if you don’t feel better with gluten free living, 7-10 weeks long) out of my head onto paper.


    Bob Thibodeau

    Great job, Julia! It sounds like a great website…I’ll check it out as well!


    Rick Smith

    Julia –

    Nice work! You’re getting it done. And I can tell you one thing for sure. Your English is far better than my German! I’m actually not kidding. I know like one sentence in German and I won’t even attempt to write it here.

    Keye Wu Wu

    Hey Julia welcome to the site!

    Checked out your website, it looks VERY professional , love how simple and clean it is with some nice branding there.

    Also you’ve done A TON of work last week, great productivity!


    Julia Stueber

    Awww, thank you all!

    I always feel like I am not doing enough, while I try to find the balance between my part time work, my family, my health and driving my kid to school. We are building a house in a city 25 minutes away, so he started to school there and in the last four weeks it felt like I am only sitting in the car – but it gives me time to listen to Seans recording! Today I finish the course to become a certified “food coach” and then I am completely diving into my business. 🙂

    Have a great weekend,

    Sean Mize


    it sounds like you are doing more than most regular humans!!!

    I’m sure it feels good to have the certification step done and now ready to build out your business!


    Cynthia Leighton


    Congratulations! I read your post that on diagnosis. Wonderfully done on that and the feel of your site.


    Julia Stueber

    Hi Cynthia and Don – and everyone else!

    After I was thrown off for 2 weeks due to asthma I am now back on track.
    What I did this week:
    – I wrote/translated (from German) three blog posts
    – Wrote the first week for my e-mail newsletter for after the campaign
    – Set and polished up my social media accounts and linked them up to Hootsuite and Buffer, so I can easily post even from my iPhone.
    – My twitter account grew from 367 to 421 this week
    – I got 1 newsletter subscriber – it is so odd, I am totally excited about that one person!

    Next week will be a slow week as my kid has no school (Autumn holidays) but I will try to at least write 30 minutes of content every day…


    Hi Julia,

    Seems you’ve done so much despite your health concerns. What keeps you so motivated?

    Go girl. 🙂


    Sean Mize


    getting excited about one person isn’t odd – it’s people that you are helping, and it’s a great accomplishment when you add a new subscriber!

    and you’ll get excited when you hit new milestones, like 10 in a day or 100 in a day!


    Julia Stueber

    Hi Maria!
    That is a great question: people always wonder, where I get my motivation and why I get so much done, some even wonder if I clone myself. 😉 But to be honest: I have a very clear vision this time and have a vision board as well as visualizing it every morning. I have tried so many things in internet marketing, but this one feels real and completely me, and I think that’s where the motivation comes from.

    Sean, I will set my new milestones next week – this week I concentrated on writing content for the newsletter. I now have 19 days in my autoresponder and a clear plan for 7 more days. This week I didn’t have much time to work due to the Autumn holidays of my kid, but I managed to keep everything running and have been very active on social media. My goal is to (auto)post three times a day and I can see my follower numbers rising. Plus I was asked from another website if I would like to be interviewed! Of course I do! 🙂

    Julia Stueber

    *sigh* Again one of these moments when life is happening while you are planing.

    My son started elementary school 9 weeks ago and was supposed to stay there till 3pm, make homework and get a lunch. Turns out nobody is really watching the kids and now one of his shoes has been stolen last week, and today he was beaten by several kids. We just decided to fetch him from there 1,5 hours earlier – which was my time to work on my coaching business after my half-time work. )-; I am totally crushed, but my son is more important to me then anybody else. I will try to work in the evenings, but as he doesn’t sleep before 9pm there isn’t much time left. I also could work half an hour in the morning… there will be a way to keep things running, but for now it will be only my newsletter/autoresponder and writing my book.

    Sean Mize


    sorry to hear what’s going on with your son in school.

    Keep your head up, you’ll resolve things there, and stay steady with the business.

    I find that even when I go slower on things, as long as I don’t stop, I can always ramp back up later


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