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by Keye Wu Wu
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    Keye Wu Wu

    Totally love this accountability corner to record our progress to greatness!

    So 3 keys points to encourage myself before I begin:

    #1 Officially started this expert info business on 11st May when first joined Sean’s 1-2-1 coaching

    #2 Just realized it’s 4th month mark, had completed the following:
    – published 169 articles in my blog posts
    – published 55 articles in Ezine articles
    – started my Youtube channel with 8 videos
    – created 4 1-hour products
    – squeeze page done, first 3 auto-esponder messages done

    #3 Right now need to focus on 2 things:
    – Launch My Power Success Academy Membership site (had just chosen MemberPress to build it)
    – Urgency To Find My Top 2-3 Traffic Sources: Apply for guest blogs, shoot more YT videos, find some forums to join

    Still haven’t got any subscribers yet, still haven’t got any income yet. But let’s make some money by October 29th. (7 weeks left)

    NOW. let’s start my first hustle log of the day (9th Sept 2016, Fri)
    – Wrote 5 Ezine articles and got published
    – Found 34 potential guest blogging opportunities in my niche
    – Joined THIS membership and be an ACTIVE member, let me see if I can help someone now
    – Gotta buy MemberPress $99 to start building my membership too!

    First Log = Done 😉

    Remcy Mongrue

    Wow Pok Wu You have done a lot very inspirational I wanna be like you in terms of your grind

    Don Sturgill

    Good for you, Pok Wu. That’s a ton of work.

    Cynthia Leighton

    Pok Wu,

    Congratulations! Incredible start.


    Keye Wu Wu

    Thanks Remcy, let’s do this together and succeed 🙂

    Yes Don, it does but worth it as a solid foundation!

    Thanks Cynthia, look forward to your progress too!

    Keye Wu Wu

    10th Sept 2016 (Sat)

    Done 2 things:
    – Wrote a blog content
    – Setting things up for MemberPress membership, pretty user-friendly so far

    Didn’t do too much today as I went for haircut and got a date right now. Will plan for more actions tmr.

    Rick Smith

    Pok Wu –

    Nice work!

    Keye Wu Wu

    12th Sept 2016 (Mon)

    Things Done Today:
    – Written 5 Ezine articles + 1 blog post
    – Finished Sean’s membership’s Goal Furnace + Entrepreneurial Lessons Day 1 – How to Soar to a Higher Level of Accomplishment

    Keye Wu Wu

    13th Sept 2016 (Tue)

    Just finished the entire session of “Blueprint Your Business” section, here’s several insights I want to record:

    #1 Feel very refreshed after re-reading my “30 Dig Deep Questions” that I had written exactly 4 months ago.
    – It’s such a wonderful 4-month journey and took so much action everyday consistently. Could have done more, but I’m happy with the initial foundation I’ve built.

    #2 My Takeaways from the $5K Business Model
    – You EXCHANGE your VALUE with someone else’s money; STOP trying to make money.
    – Everything I do now can be repurposed in future. So I must create products weekly or at least bi-weekly.
    – Must focus on TARGETED people that have needs
    – In my first 6 months, 80% of the time should be spent on getting people to become subscribers

    #3 Monetary Blueprint: What do YOU see as the way to get to about $8k a month ($100k a year)
    – I will need 100 members paying me at $37/month = $3700
    – I will need another 100 members paying me at $47/month = $4700
    – And I will need 10 top clients paying me at $97/month = $970
    TOTAL: $9370 net income (About $8,000 pure profit/month)

    I will have a core membership that’s priced at $37,47,97 per month.
    I may have some advanced trainings that costs $77,97,197

    #4 Final Blueprint
    – I must publish 100+ Ezine articles before I approach blog owners for guest blogging opportunities
    – I must get my Power Success Academy membership funnel ready to sell
    – I must create weekly/bi-weekly training programs and start adding them into my membership
    – I must shoot 5-7 YouTube videos weekly and put them in my channel

    #5 My Daily Schedule To Achieve My Blueprint
    9am – 10am Daily Content + Email Communication
    10am – 11:30am Write 5 Ezine Articles
    11:30 – 12:30pm Develop My Products and Sell
    2pm – 3:30pm Create 3+ YouTube Videos

    Keye Wu Wu

    13th Sept 2016 (Tue) Hustle Log

    #1 Finished the entire session of “Blueprint Your Business” section
    #2 Wrote 1 Blog post
    #3 Wrote 5 Ezine Articles
    #4 Brainstormed my 5th product to create this week

    Keye Wu Wu

    14th Sept 2016 (Wed) Hustle Log

    #1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 5 Ezine Articles

    #2 Set Up several payment links in membership site

    #3 Listened to yesterday’s Faith-based call
    -> Amazing takeaway: Stop jumping around, otherwise your calling will be handled by someone else!

    #4 FANTASTIC nearly 3-hrs call just ended, 3 big ideas to takeaway
    -> When old problems are solved, new problems are created. Thus unlimited opportunities for you to solve problems and earn money!
    -> Must first be the #1 expert in super small topic/niche, build an audience, and they will transfer trust and perceived expert status to your next creations and ventures
    -> Ppl need to hear things multiple times in different formats, don’t worry about overlapping your teachings

    Create my membership funnel – salesletter + members area and links + first 3-5 lessons

    Rick Smith

    Keye –

    Nice work!

    Cynthia Leighton

    Keye, You’re on track and getting so many things accomplished FAST. Congrats! blessings, Cynthia

    Remcy Mongrue

    you sure are hustling dude! congratulations these steps your taking are all a form of success. Most people don’t even get this far with their idea like Sean said in an earlier webinar.

    Sean Mize


    you are a model for implementation!!!


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