Making your membership free to get your name out to the crowd

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    A good way to get subscribers/members to a paid membership is to start a free membership on a different site, in the same niche, as your paid membership. If your free training is golden, they will surely purchase your paid membership. A free membership builds your list extremely fast.

    Use opt-Intelligence for the traffic as I do. You pay per lead (Cheap) and not per click. Offer them a free membership, and then builf a relationship, with that list.

    I´ve talked with a guy named Matthew Woodward, and he uses a free membership method, on a site that is not connected with the site that he has his paid memberships on. As he said if you haven´t build an online present yet or you are not known to anyone online, building a free membership to build authority is the way to go. I´ve tested it on 2 traffic sources right after I´ve talked with him, and I have 102 subscribers. The flow in in just hours. Now it´s my job to convert them into buyers. 64 of them already signed up to Aweber or Getresponse and Hostgator through my affiliate links from my free membership.

    I hope this helps when You need to get your initial subscribers list… Start free then sell them your exclusive training. They already love you for what you give away for free…plus you can make aff. commissions from your free membership. They are recurring for me…cool eh..

    Trevor Dumbleton

    Congrats on getting the opt-intelligence leads to convert into affiliate commissions fast and hopefully convert into paying customers longer term.

    Various internet marketers use the free leading to paid model – Robert Puddy has been doing it for as long as I remember (and originally selling the script he used, now he gives it away), recently Andy Brocklehurst was promoting a freemium model (can’t remember if that was using one of his scripts but wouldn’t surprise me).

    Not tested it but the theory behind a freemium model is that your subscribers are more loyal because they’ve got access to a (free) membership site than if they were just regular subscribers. I guess it’s just a different “take” on the free gift – they get access to a site rather than a PDF or video.

    The big thing is taking action – which you’ve done. Congrats again for doing that.

    Sean Mize


    care to share the funnel path you are using?

    traffic source ==> sequence ==> sign up with GR or Aweber –

    so the signups to GR or Aweber are not automated from the traffic source, but actual clicks by the subscriber?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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