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by Marco Baldwin
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    Marco Baldwin

    Set up the two domain names. One for the product (and coaching program) and one for my blog. I got optimize press for the theme.

    I got “get response”. Wrote the welcome emails for the coaching program and for my blog.

    Created three reports and 10 audios from the 10×10 matrix so can repurpose them and put them on my blog.

    This week I’m going to make power points so I can create videos I can put on youtube.


    Marco Baldwin

    Thinking I’ll make the product site a membership site and use the 10 videos I created as previews of the quality of weekly content they would get as a member.

    Price: $29 per month

    Topics: IM and coaching

    Deliverables: One 30 min video lesson every week

    Traffic: Solo ads (Because its the only one I’ve had results with)

    I’m also creating a $547 welcome package to serve as a premium or ethical bribe to join.


    Ley Gal

    Hi Marco

    How things are going on?
    How is the creation of videos?
    Are you offering this service too?



    Sean Mize


    how’s progress ???


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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