Membership in foreign Launguages?

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    Julia Stueber

    Hi Carsten,

    I tried to teach in German (as I am in Germany and German), but due to the way our health system works people are rather unwilling to pay extra for information and coaching – I am a food coach. That’s why I decided to start this business in English – there are more willing buyers even I need to do some extra research. If I get the occasional German client I am happy to do a 1:1 coaching in German. 🙂



    Hi Julia,

    Vielen Dank für ihren Antwort. Ja Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen und schreiben 🙂 Oder Ich versuche es jedenfalls.

    I think I´ll test it since I´m in the IM niche, and people all over the world are willing to learn how to make money from home. I´ll try to promote in Danish and see how it goes.

    I´ll still do marketing in English, but I think I have a marjket in Denmark too, that I can make some money from.

    Best Regards



    Sean Mize

    I read something interesting the other day – forget where – that sometimes folks search in their own language but want to read in English . .

    anyhow, if there is demand in your language – why not???

    It’s no different than creating a membership or funnel or email campaign in English – none at all



    Hi Sean,

    There is a huge demand in DEnmark for making money at home. People lost their job, the politicians have made it even more unbareable to be unemployed than before…ect ect ect.

    I´ve worked with MLM for some years before I got into IM marketing and Website Flipping, and the danes really wanted a new income. MLM was not what they wanted, but I know for a fact, that danes search for danish IM marketers to learn how to make money from. So I´ll grab into that market. Create danish videos for YT and then redirect them to my funnel. and then work on that.


    Sean Mize


    when there is a smaller market like the Danish market, it’s easier to become #1 and “corner” the market . . .and be a big fish in a small pond as they say. Over time, you can parlay that expert status there worldwide


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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