Membership in foreign Launguages?

by Carsten Hansen Hansen Tiensuu
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    In my journey for members, I will try to market to the danish market to get easier traffic. This does not mean that I will switch from English to danish in my membership, but since many Danes are quite good in writing and speaking English, it would be easy to get the initial traffic, and then let them learn the things in english. Of course I could train them in Danish if I need to..

    Have any of you´ve tried to market your membership or product to other countries like the countries who´s native language is English?

    Best Regards


    Julia Stueber

    Hi Carsten,

    I tried to teach in German (as I am in Germany and German), but due to the way our health system works people are rather unwilling to pay extra for information and coaching – I am a food coach. That’s why I decided to start this business in English – there are more willing buyers even I need to do some extra research. If I get the occasional German client I am happy to do a 1:1 coaching in German. 🙂



    Hi Julia,

    Vielen Dank für ihren Antwort. Ja Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen und schreiben 🙂 Oder Ich versuche es jedenfalls.

    I think I´ll test it since I´m in the IM niche, and people all over the world are willing to learn how to make money from home. I´ll try to promote in Danish and see how it goes.

    I´ll still do marketing in English, but I think I have a marjket in Denmark too, that I can make some money from.

    Best Regards


    Sean Mize

    I read something interesting the other day – forget where – that sometimes folks search in their own language but want to read in English . .

    anyhow, if there is demand in your language – why not???

    It’s no different than creating a membership or funnel or email campaign in English – none at all



    Hi Sean,

    There is a huge demand in DEnmark for making money at home. People lost their job, the politicians have made it even more unbareable to be unemployed than before…ect ect ect.

    I´ve worked with MLM for some years before I got into IM marketing and Website Flipping, and the danes really wanted a new income. MLM was not what they wanted, but I know for a fact, that danes search for danish IM marketers to learn how to make money from. So I´ll grab into that market. Create danish videos for YT and then redirect them to my funnel. and then work on that.

    Sean Mize


    when there is a smaller market like the Danish market, it’s easier to become #1 and “corner” the market . . .and be a big fish in a small pond as they say. Over time, you can parlay that expert status there worldwide


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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