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by Michael Fargarson
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    Michael Fargarson

    I’m excited about this program because I need to be pushed to get things done.

    My goal is to have all the basic pieces in place for a complete business. At a minimum that means a squeeze page and giveaway access page, a blog/posts page, an initial product with sales page and access page, a coaching sales page, and a basic A/R series letting subs know about my product and coaching.

    Shelia Solomon

    Hi Michael, it seems we have similar goals. I know we will get it done…

    Michael Fargarson

    These are the steps to reach my goal:
    1. Website prep work
    -Theme and site layout
    -Install plugins
    -Create main pages
    2. Listbuilding/Prospecting Prep Work
    -Squeeze Page
    -Giveaway/List Magnet
    -AWeber list setup
    3. Product Creation- Product One
    -Finish recording all modules
    -Write Product Sales Page
    -Create Thank You/Download Page
    4. Coaching Program
    -Write Coaching Sales Page
    -Outline Coaching Program
    -Create Welcome Page
    -Setup Coaching Program AWeber List
    5. Create 5-10 email A/R Sequence with multimedia messages- mix of text emails, youtube videos, pdf, and audios.
    6. Ongoing Content Creation 3-5 each per week
    -Blog posts
    7. Weekly Conference Call (Begin in 2 weeks)

    Product/Course creation Possibilities:
    -Introductory Course
    -Coaching Program
    -Complete Home Study (Based on Recorded Coaching Lessons)
    -Deeper Course (adding meat to introductory course)
    -Book(s) (e or hardcopy) of courses in written form
    -Individual topics mini-courses
    -Personalized mentoring for specific clients

    Michael Fargarson

    Today’s work:

    Solidified steps to goals.
    Website work- Deleted some unnecessary elements, added plugins.

    Robert Mason

    Hi Michael, good luck with all of that – that is a great project you have there.

    De JAMES

    Someone is going to be very busy!

    All the best.

    Julia Rotgers

    Hi Michael,

    Great to see the progress!


    Shelia Solomon

    Good job, Michael, keep moving forward.

    Michael Fargarson

    Update: I was sick for most of the last week, so I got less done than I intended. I did get the following accomplished.
    1. Wrote two new posts.
    2. Recorded 3 videos.
    3. Continued site configuration and page building.
    4. New Squeeze page draft.

    Michael Fargarson

    Goals for next week:

    1) Squeeze Page RTG linked to Aweber
    2) Finish remaining modules of Product One
    3) Draft sales letter for Product One

    Michael Fargarson

    My squeeze page is up, but the download page isn’t live yet so if you try to submit, it won’t take you to the download yet.

    Just wanted the groups’ thoughts on it. Thanks!

    Here’s the link:

    William Twiner


    De JAMES

    It’s to the point!

    Sean Mize


    I like the copy

    one thing I would suggest is compress things just a bit so that the optin box is “above the fold”

    you will get higher conversion rates that way


    Michael Fargarson

    Thanks, all!

    Thanks, Sean. I thought it was okay, but it may have just been my normal browser. I condensed it a bit by changing fonts. I tested it on explorer, firefox, and chrome and it appears to be above the fold (at least on a 15″ laptop!)

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