Need Ongoing Feedback Please For My Huge E-book

by Donna Walsh
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    Donna Walsh

    I wrote a huge e-book (about 800 pages) way back in 2010 on Internet Marketing. At that time, John Delavera said it was a ‘masterpiece’. I sold several hundred copies at between $67 (launch price) to $97. But as time went on, it became outdated and I stopped selling it

    I want to use that e-book as a basis for my major coaching program since it really has a lot of good info. So I am rewriting and editing it. I have completely finished 2 volumes of approx 20.

    I am looking for people willing to read it and give me feedback on it. No need to edit or to follow the numerous links within to see if they are live as most are not viable any longer. Any and all suggestions will be more than welcome such as stuff I should include. If I need to expand on a topic, etc.

    In exchange I will give you the entire Encyclopedia at no charge as well as any bonuses I will include with it as well as any digital upsells.

    The first volume is the complete ToC so that cannot be completed until I actually finish rewriting and revising it.

    Vol 2 is ‘Fundamentals for Success’ and is 78 pages long but some of those are not actual content pages. This volume includes stuff such as changing your mindset, avoiding procrastination, building a list of contacts, finding a mentor/coach, etc.

    Vol 3 is ‘Important Things To Know And Do’ although I am brainstorming for a different title. It is 61 pages long but again, not all of those are content pages. It includes stuff about business models, setting up a home office, tax liabilities, tools you might need, etc.

    I deleted the graphics on the title page of both as they are not relevant any longer. But It says And I will still say that it is:

    ‘The Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing’

    The sub-title is

    ‘The Encyclopedia of Web Design and Site Development for Internet Marketers’

    BTW I started on the 4th volume which is titled ‘Planning and Setting Up Your Website’ and talks about the basic steps needed including choosing a business model, planning a website, etc.

    The fifth volume with be on creating or Finding a product to sell

    The sixth on copywriting, writing sales letter, etc.

    If anyone is interested, please send me an email at and THANKS a bunch! 🙂


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